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I have used the Wal-mart Pharmacy online service to request refills. Twice I have found that logging in to my online account at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy and through my e-mail that the prescriptions were filled.

Twice I have visited the store to pick up said drugs and they did not have them. First time I was told that I must pick up by three more days in e-mail. The prescriptions were filled in the pharmacy, yet were not picked up and went back into stock - order cancelled. This happened two days before my deadline for pick up.

I asked staff why I received e-mail stating I had three more days and they did not know. In store staff told me to contact the online pharmacy. I contacted the online pharmacy by numerous e-mails and they said to resolve it with the in store staff. Just passing the buck back and forth.

The second time I tried to refill online my online account stated it was refilled and again when I visited the store it was not filled.

The staff at the store said they could not get the medicine, yet it appeared online that it was filled on a Thursday and I tried to pick up three days later on Sunday. I now have all my prescriptions filled by Rite Aid.

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That sucks. Your Walmart needs to get their act together. I've used Walmart to fill prescriptions for the past 11 months with minimum fuss in Concord and Charlotte, NC. I order online and pick up within 30 minutes, even though the site says to wait 4 hours.

I'm to blame for the ONLY problem I've ever had there. I placed the order in-store and they said to come back in 30 minutes. I came back in 1 hour and they were closing up and only ringing up employees. I needed the pills that night and I had to beg the technician to cash me out.

It would have been nice if they had more empathy; my order was already filled and less than 5 feet away and they hadn't yet closed the register, but I understand just wanting to go home when your shift is over.

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