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Why is it when this store is super busy that they only have maybe 3 lanes open? Everyone is shopping and someone is telling me they are closing the register to go on their break?

I didn't realize Walmart even gave breaks! But seriously- managers- please have more people working when you are in your most busy times.

The people here are nice so I don't want to dog them- they were even sorry that there were not enough people that night- they were apologizing for their bosses. So please- again- powers that be in the walmart canton- have more people on those busy nights!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They will never hire a bunch of employees. Their plan is to hire so many and to pay them very low so they can get the big bucks.

If you worry so much about few registers open. Then maybe you should apply. And if you don't want too then maybe that's the reason everybody else don't want too. So appreciate there being cashiers at all.

They can always walk out and leave. Nobody takes Wal-Mart as a job seriously lmao


You didn't realize walmart gave breaks? This isn't a third world country.

Maybe you didn't realize this either, but it is illegal for a company to not provide a break for their associates.

Those cashiers stand for 8 hours a day sometimes with two fifteen minute breaks and one one hour lunch. If it's time for them to go to break, you should be a little understanding.


Honey you don't know as much as you think you do. Are you really so DUMB that you think WalMart employees don't get a break?

In my time I have worked in various retail stores and we were always told when it was time for our breaks, if a customer stopped us when we were on the way to the break room, we were to politely tell them we were on break and keep on walking. There is also no definite way to determine exactly what times will be the busiest. There have been times I have went to my local Walmart in the middle of the night and they are just as busy then, as they are in the middle of the day on week ends. Whatever you call super busy, doesn't mean that business wise they are super busy.

That being said, apparently it hasn't occurred to you that they could have been short handed for various reasons. Somebody could have called in sick or because of a family emergency and none of the off duty employees were willing to fill in.

You should also be ashamed of yourself for getting the employees to talk negatively about their bosses. That sounds like a major trouble maker.

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