Fargo, North Dakota
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This is not the first time and probably wont be the last time! In Detroit Lakes,MN Walmart where i normally shop each month for groceries.

I seem find cut food items be it cereal, Hamburger helper, Fruit bar boxes, Juice Boxes, cookies, snack foods I always seem to come across damaged cut opened product! I don't give it second thought when i'm grocery shopping for my self, wife and kid. I have even found milk that was out dated and never realized it till after i had bought my groceries and gotten home and gone through every thing. Since when did Walmart start selling out dated PRODUCT?

Aren't they suppose to pull damaged or out dated product from its shelf 2 or 3 days before it expires? I'm so sick and tired of having to drive all the way back up their just to complain about it! I stopped doing that since the third time this has happened and now its gone on to the seventh time!

When will they fix this problem or ever? And to be honest im well beyond peed off...

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Listen, if you know this happens, don't shop there. OR, if you continue to shop there, check the food BEFORE you put it in the cart. Why would you wait until you get home to check it?


you're weird psyphan. not just weird but *** for wanting to take me to Disney Land with you.

you're also kind of dumb too.

I really don't understand how me saying you're messed up implies that I'm "not fun" oh well, I guess there's always going to be confused people out there. oh and it's no one else's fault but yours that your lost your license and you shoplift at Kmart.

Matty K

Pennsylvania's walmart has that all the time

I'll go get some cookies or bread and they'll have opened or sliced packaging

and also what bugs me is people leaving stuff like milk or frozen food or dairy products in the isles of other foods that are not refrigerated , and I take it to a person who works there and they say oh well just put it over there like it's nothing , "coooooome on people" frozen food is nothing don't they know what happens to some frozen foods when they thaw out .

and also can you find anything in Walmart any more that says American Made ????

when Walmart first came out the founder said there would always be American Made quality stuff in his stores , well he's dead and so did his American Dream quality stuff in Walmart .

walmart has gone like the karaoke site I used to be apart of , trying to do stuff American way is too expensive and costly, meaning

money talks and *** walks and the used to be followers are left in the *** in between !!!!!!!


I already told you it is because I lost my license and this is the only store that is within walking distance. Learn how to read. The only store that is also within walking distance is Kmart but I am currently banned there because they falsely accused me of shoplifting because I accidentally put something in my bag that I was going to pay for and forgot to pay for.


If this is a constant problem why not shop at another store altogether.


Yeah this is pissedconsumer.com, however when a consumer posts a complaint where they are in the wrong we have a right to correct them. If you can't take it get out of this site.

Seriously telling you the truth is not trolling. You grow up. You don't like to admit you are wrong.

No one accused you of anything. You are just angry that we are giving you advice that you don not like.


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How can you sit there and twitter your self that *** on here? making accusations about people you do not know nor never meet face to face?

You have no idea what we have done to put a stop to what things happen or can control what their mistakes are!

Only the stupidest people come on here and act this immature! I dont go on sights to flame people like you spoiled rotten little brats do! My wisdom and maturity is far better then you people display! SO GROW UP.

This is not being mad this is making a point should you assume i'm being mad! :grin :grin :grin :grin


Most likely he is to drunk to remember be brought the expired products five years ago.


Just wondering if you bring the expired or damaged items to the attention of anyone at Walmart, or if you just leave them there and continue on to the liquor department.


wow you're messed up!


And for those of you who say that I should go elsewhere. I don't have a car.

I lost my license for drunk driving. I could to to another company all together such as Kmart but I was banned from Kmart because my wife and kid stole something and they framed me.


you're peed off..? anyway, start checking the dates then.

and no, stores are supposed to pull stuff WHEN THEY EXPIRE. why would they take them away a couple days before then?