I decided to give walmart one last chance, but yet again they are out of stock for the items i was shopping for. This is the 4th time it has happened and the second time this month.

SAME PRODUCTS OUT OF STOCK, same walmart store. And quite a dirty store might i add. If someone reads this i have photos of everthing im talking about for proof, each time i went. I will no longer be shopping at walmart, considering target is in the same parking lot.

I will be shopping there and Jewel. Hope someone reads this is my third complaint. I know im not the only customer who feels this way.

Walmart in Hodgkins IL. I have a new slogan for them

"WALMART ALWAYS out of stock"

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What's worse is that if you try to call them to find out whether they have the most important items you want before you make the trip, nobody answers the phone most of the time. At least this has been the case for years in all the stores in the Boston area.

So you can't even know whether you'll be wasting your time going to a Walmart until you already have. Most of the time, if I can't get someone on the phone to ask if they have things I'm looking for in stock, I don't bother to go at all.


I've had the same problem. I decided to pay a little more and order from Amazon.


Local store, Bensalem, Pa always out of cat food I need. Order online and it arrives in 2 days.

Last month ordered several things. But one item in order messed up entire order and entire order HAD to be sent to a store 14 miles away that I don't shop. Site is screwy!!!! One item, cat food case cost more online than at store so you pay up front than they refund you .99cents.

WTF?? Items that go out of stock never ever, ever, EVER return even when clicked as notify me when back in stock. One item I wanted would ONLY ship to NJ. I live in Pa!

Large items delivered to door step still show in account as processing. One item never showed up so I cancelled it. Demanded no credit card charge occur. Got confirmation number!

Next day showed up. Walmart charged card even though I froze card using the pending card number!


I needed four tires but couldn't afford all four at one time, so I ordered two that shipped from another store to my local store, this was about two weeks ago, today I went online to order the other two I needed and seen that they were now out of stock so I called the corporate office to try and find out when another shipment would be in and their reply was "We have no idea when more will be in and have no way of finding out when more will be in" WTH??? These tires are for my camper and I have a trip coming up in about three weeks and they cannot answer my question? Never again Walfart, never again!!!


I have been trying to buy any kind of radish at Walmart for the past month and now the spot on the shelf is no longer there in addition to no radishes, this is not a customer buyout problem, it is a product aquisition problem. So I have to shop at their competitors for such a minor item.

Which makes me inclined to do the rest of my shopping at the competitors.

No employee we asked has any explaination for why they are consistently out. Wonder if anyone has an answer for this problem?

Puzzled and disgusted.


Walmart is always out of stock of everything! OMG especially when I'm shopping online.

They NEVER have in stock the items I want. Smh




Hey no problem, let me see your card to cover the higher cost, thanks friend.


Early bird gets the worm


Depends on what time of day/night you go shopping.

I'm sure it's WM's motto to be out of stock!

What a dweeb.

If you have a complaint, go to the manager. Dont; come here and say you agve them one last chance.

You gave them nothing but a bad attitude. Go to the dollor store.


same thing in shippensburg pa i shop at aldis now


Yup you shop at Aldis till they run out of something you like,then it'll be whining and complaining and on to another store,the reason stores run out of items is probably because they are popular items used by Oh I don't know,thousands of other people too like yourself.People go to Walmart because their budget forces them to and because that happens things get bought up by the tons because families tend to buy in LARGE amounts and it's cheaper to do it that way so I'm sure shelves tend to be bare more often due to that happening


I agree but remember this person is only eight years old and they think that a person can wave a magic wand and magically make items appear in thin air and things never run out of stock. They don't know that items run out if they are popular and sometimes third parties don't sell them enough because they have other businesses to sell to.


yeah, like they have nothing to do. And if that was so, so what? Is a business not a charity.


Please grow up, be responsible, if you want an item, ask when the item is stock and go before all the other smart people finish with it. How is Walmart or any store going to have control over people buying certain item, unless you live in cuba or North Korea.


You really need to contact them directly, because complaining here is doing nothing for you neither for them.


1) Did ypu ask if there is more in stock on the back? Just cause it isnt on the shelf doesnt mean its totally gone.

2) the first pic was of cold items, items like those only stay good for a week and need to be rotated or switch out.

3) Walmart stocks overnight and vendors come in the morning. Have you tried going at different times?

4) if you go to walmart on the weekend, most likely a lot of *** will be empty. Try going on a Wensday.


It is time more people stop shopping at Walmart and

all of these cheap commie China-made *** merchandise stores.


Every store has Chinese made merchandise.


Walmart won't go out of business minus you bud don't worry :)