Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Nasty Wal-mart

also I'd like to add I'm talking about the Walmart on Orange Blossom Trail zip code 32839...

the customer service is horrible they're always very rude and act like you taking up too much of their time if your cashing out more the ten items and don't have a crying baby ..smh super rude comments by cashier

when I go into the store in the evenings to pick up something .. I come with a cart or stroller and the aisles are Always blocked with boxes yet the shelves never seem to be stocked with inventory!!!

the workers talk amongst themselves and are very unprofessional in front of customers with their conversation choices ...the store was built not too long ago and it seems to run down and small I will not go there anymore now I take the extra drive to go to Target even though I can't afford it

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The express line is just that.. An express line for people with 10 items or less.. Not a line for mothers with b.astard children!


Hey I just found out that the word *** is not censored here. You can spell it out, unless it only applies in plural form bastards.

Tests out theory.

PS if you have not already done so go check out the Sam's club review about the woman buying a $60 cake with food stamps, many people support the lady and her *** children. Most likely free loaders who love to spread their legs and have several bastards.

Why do they have internet access? To "search for jobs" when they really spend their time complaining on websites like this and keeping in touch with their free loader friends who also have several *** children.


10 items or less.. Not a line for mothers with b.astard children

let go of your mommys hand then Lou and find another line.


I don't know why my posts are not going through, first it posts the wrong location, then the post does not go through. This company obviously hates babies.

I understand that the express line is for ten items or less, however I am a single mother and had a crying baby on my hands, they should have made an exception. But no they are rude and told me I had to get in the regular lines, if I had one or two items more of 20 of the same item they would let me in, but they forced me with a crying baby to get in the regular lines. It is obvious that this company, or at least this store in particular hates babies.

Then why do they have the code Adam posted on their doors if they hate children. They may as well have signs saying leave your children at home.


Also I know the express line is for ten items or less, but I don't care I am a single parent, I had a crying baby with me and they should make an exception to the rules and allow me to go through express. I cannot believe this company hates children.


I'm talking about a Walmart in Orlando Florida I do not know why when I posted it says Fort Lauderdale however its for Orlando