Meridian, Idaho

Worst Experience of my Walmart Life.ry, 16 2015. IT WAS THE WORST WALMART EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE!!

I went in there for an easy oil change, but it ended up as a 3 hours in a *** hole. I was there from 6pm and I didn't go home until almost 9pm. Somehow, the Automotive Cashier told me that they would NOT change my oil because I had a orange cap cover on my oil tank, Walmart don't have "orange cap" they ONLY do "black cap cover" for the oil. So regardless of what I told them that I've changed my oil there prior to that day I went in at the same Walmart, same location.

They told me that I don't exist in their system. They don't have proof of them servicing an oil change in that location on that particular day. Believe me, I was so embarrassed and yet very disappointed because regardless what I say, they didn't seems to believe anything I've said. So I provided my PROOF OF RECEIPT, and they looked it up by the Service Order Code.

Somehow the 2 Technician: LOGAN 529 and MAISON 410 who serviced my car on August 2014, submitted a falsified name and information on my order on a total different name and a total different service that same day. And it got me thinking that because they put the wrong cap on there, and HOPING that i will misplace my receipt, walmart will not take my car back for servicing anymore. because they put the wrong color cap on my oil cap cover. I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED, because when the manager pointed this LOGAN 529, because he was there at that night.

He was rude, vile and so unprofessional.. He said, I don't remember that, *** NO!! Yep that was exactly the words that came out of his mouth, and he walked away, laughing sarcastically and me and the manager were trying to figure why did they do it. So without any apology from this LOGAN 529.

the manager ended apologizing but I didn't think that was his place to do so. Because that LOGAN 529 who mocked and made me feel like I'm a liar needs to apologize for his fault for making me look like a LIAR and a FOOL. So to all you "WALMART SHOPPERS" make sure you have your RECEIPTS, because that's what saved me that day. That's what justifies my whole complaint.

Because if i never had that, I would be the laughing stock for Mr. LOGAN 529!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Auto department.

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Let that be a lesson to you, it's your own fault for 1- letting that worthless corporation TOUCH your vehicle, and 2- for waiting three hours. I'm sure your car would have survived another 12 hours until morning.


If you ever go back to Walmart for auto service again you deserve what you get.