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Employee Review: Poor management communication/ treatment depends on store. Overnight produce (Current Employee), Florida – February 19, 2017 Pros: Its work.

Cons: Management, in most cases, is terrible. I have worked many a walmart store in 9 years. Moved around alot. I've worked all the fresh areas.

In one store I found a job I loved. Produce. Overnight was even better. I came in, did my job, and went home.

NP. As high paced as it is, I took pride in my department and how I presented it every day. I cleaned the drains, shelving, culled, zoned, pulled dates, pulled the truck from back room to produce cooler... I even begain trainung to be a produce lead; ordering, doing the morning counts, training new associates...

However, as I moved on to other stores, I realised this was not going to be the case everywhere. Management is all about money. They are about getting the jobs done that cover their own butts, not yours. Overnight is worse.

You are easy to blame since you are not there during the day to defend yourself. And every manager is different. They all want things done different ways and NONE of them communicate with one another. They will pile on more and more work until you can't get it all done or kill your self doing it all.

Heaven help you if you forget something or misunderstand something they want you to do. You will be used in other departments and be used as a puzzle peice for their benefit. Oh, and very few of them know what your job really is. What it is you really do or how much time it actually takes to do it.

I'm a hard worker and I loved my job. I had to move, again. Now, though I love my job and know what I am capable of, I hate where I work. But work is hard to find where I have moved and I'm now stuck working for this company.

All in all, it depends on what store you are in. There are gems out there. Ones that stick to the books, listen to their employees, and are true leaders.

But they are few. Most will take advantage of you

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