Chicago, Illinois
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I bought an Ozark Trail Queen Size Self Fill Elevated Airbed at Walmart. After having paid close to $60 and ONLY used 3 times.

Every single time there after I had to fill with air and try to locate holes! After, trying to patch so far a total of 12 holesa and buying numerous patches I said forget it to buying inflated beds at Walmart at all. Now, I definitely will get Target brand. I know for sure I'll never see my money back.

Will walmart do anything about a discouraged customer. anything suggestions to get some type of credit from walmart or else complain to other consumers at walmart

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If you still have the box then you can call the product number and see what they can do about that.


The beds suck. Walmart would do nothing to help.

I had mine 24 hours slept on it once and it went flat.

WTH! Walmart told me that it was my fault and they would not return my money.


I agree, these beds are terrible. Save your money and buy something else.


Had the same thing happen with those mattresses. Pieces of JUNK. Go to DicksSporting Goods or Cabellas and get a good one.


If you have the box, look for the 800 number on the back of it and call that number. Google trailspace.