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Their employees have the worst work ethic I've ever seen!! Do not know why they have a paint department.

Nobody ever helps at it and I wait about 30 minutes every time I go there for it. So glad my new house has paint from Home Depot so I don't ever have to go back to the Hiram Walmart

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I once spray painted a car in the walmart parking lot


I am so thankful that apparently I live near the only good walmart I'm the country. I've never had wait more than a few in any department for help unless the associate is actively helping another customer.

I have also never had an associate tell me"not my department" which I read on here a lot. I've had them tell me that they'll find me someone to help me, and they always promptly do.

I have been in some not so nice walmart before but my home store is great. Even checking out, if there gets to be more than two people I'm each line they always get help from the salesfloor to get the lines down.