Kansas City, Missouri
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I walked into a walmart store during the afternoon hours of August 14, 2015. When i walked into the entrance on the front of the building facing the parking lot there was a single cone positioned in the middle of the entrance.

I walked around the cone when the greeter said "That was there for a reason follow the rules please". There were skid marks from a cart in back of said cone which i beleive she meant to mark off. I did explain how there should be a wet floor sign over the stain or area, appologized for my negligence and moved on. I purchased a single item (a pre wrokout supplement) with my credit card.

When i went to leave out the same exit she asked to see my recipt. I opened my bag saying nothing and she asked for my ID and Credit Card. At that point i told her I have no legal obligation to show my identification to any one except a law enforcement officer. She threatened to call the police at which point I asked if I was being detained.

She didnt answer so i explained to her false imprisonment and what the possible penalties could be.

She then told me I was free to go and leave the store. This is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I somehow doubt she asked for your credit card and ID. Your receipt perhaps but that's all.

It would seem that as odd a request as that was, you would have reported it to management. Since you didn't, Its hard for me to believe what your saying.