Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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I shop at the Wallmart inTrooper,Pa, when are Dogs allowed in the store??? I was in that Wallmart earlier, and a woman behind me had her chihuahua dog in her arms while standing in line.

I know Service Dogs are allowed, but this was not called for, Really!!!! Not a Service Dog. And all the employees were saying what a cute dog, not saying dogs were not allowed. I guess next time, I can bring my cat shopping.

This complaint better be told, to All Wallmarts around, or even put a sign on the doors, stating No Animals Allowed. On Service Dogs!

The dogs usually have a little coat s that says Service Dogs!! Thank you!!

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No one harmed you or hurt you by having a Chihuahua. Get over it and move on. Not all service dogs have coats and you don't know if it was or not.


I don't know about a dog , but I walk thru Walmart with a 11 inch HOG between my legs!