So I got an interview at Walmart for Pharmacy Technician and was also recommended by the pharmacist herself. I got a second interview (saying I had a job offer) along with the drug test and the background check.

I put down "Possesion of Stolen Item in 2013" on that piece of paper and gave it to them. When they did my background check they said it did not come through clear and that I was ineligible for employment and that I had the chance to state what I've done but I didn't. I called the background check company and they told me "Your background check was clear, they didn't find the crime you put down on the paper, I don't know why you didn't get the job, and why it says you are non competitive, I think if you didn't put down that crime you had on the paper you would of gotten the job but otherwise we've checked it and didn't find that on your background". So I then called Walmart and told the situation and personell called back telling me she did contact them and they said it didn't come out clear.

I then called Sterling Infosystem (this time direct line) and she did tell me that my background check didn't come clear because they couldn't find my crime and probably because it was stored in municipal court.

I called municipal court and they told me they don't put stuff online and the crime that I did WASNT a misdemeanor but it was an ordinance. Geez am I being too persistent?

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Not persistent at all... sadly these companies and MOST hiring managers for any company are imbeciles.

Not only them, but these credit and background reporting agencies are a joke...

a reputable and trustworthy company would do the background checks themselves. Try a different Pharm.

to SERIOUSLY Orange, California, United States #958637

Better yet try not committing the crime, or at least not getting caught. If you do get caught try doing the adult thing and admitting it is your fault. She is planning on working in a retail store and she has a habit of shoplifting, or stealing whatever she stole.

to KevinRichards #960371

Possesion of stolen item, didn't mean I stole it. The iPod I received from a friend as a birthday gift was stolen and I wasn't aware or else I wouldn't have accepted it. Anyways they called and told me my background check is clear and I got the job :)

Killeen, Texas, United States #956775

I have a similar issue ): I'm being told two different things background check says one thing human resources says another I'm still waiting In Texas for maintance position

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