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Hello, my name is Roberta Blanton I Went to WalMart in Hoake Road in Clayton Ohio . I went through self scan and had about 28 coupons ranging from .50 cents- $1.50 and five scanned properly.

The clerk came over and said well " if you didn't purchase the items they won't scan". I said some have to be manually entered in the register. He was insinuating that I was lying, stealing or cheating WalMart. I'm a frequent user of coupons and I know how to use them meanwhile all my coupons are inside the register.

He starting yelling at me and when I asked fir a supervisor he said " go ahead and tell so I can collect unemployment. The supervisor comes and he is still yelling and raising his hand at me, at that point I was truly traumatized!. Although I was given $10 gift card that day the store manager gave $20 a few days later. The thing is nobody takes this seriously what he did was abusive and I come from a abusive background.

Meanwhile I go to the pharmacy and a black pharmacist is switching my prescription from another WalMart out of state he tells me I can't not get the script because I had already got it. How can I be at two places at one time! He is basically calling me a liar and other customers ate witnesses to this behavior. I call the other pharmacy and they see that the script was filled but never picked up, so I let the pharmacist speak to them and he says we'll I'll take care of it.

Never saying sorry! Over five times I have gone to the pharmacy and they keep charging full price for my meds when my co- pay is zero! then say let me check and find out my co -pay is zero. They say it won't happen again but every week it happens, or they call and say the medication is ready then it's not.

This is a continual problem and I am disabled, I don't have extra time to wait around, pay for transportation to get their. Tonight the same thing happened on the phone I was on the phone forever and my neck and back was hurting. So I said call me back tonight and leave a message still no message. I have about 19 scripts that's alot of money.

I want to be compensated for time,embarrassment, transportation,. I could have contacted a lawyer for the abuse of your employee.

Please get with the pharmacy and have them to correct the problem please, the wait time. I don't want to take my business elsewhere but this hsd been happening just about every week since October.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like you should do walmart a favor and take your business elsewhere. I'm sure they would appreciate it very much.


Hmmm, all the Walmart stores I've been to have a 20 items or less sign posted at the self checkouts and also signs at each of those registers that they don't accept coupons at self checkout, wonder why??? Could it be because people try to use coupons to get money off of items they haven't purchased?

You said you had 28 coupons and only 5 scanned then you expected the employee to manually key in all the other ones for you? He was right when he said that it won't scan if you didn't buy it. Sounds like you are a frequent scammer who wants to be compensated for every little thing that doesn't go in your favor.

Stop using your disability as a crutch to get things you are not entitled to. You are very selfish.


I like how people who mention their disability to have us feel bad for them, it never works. You already got a $10 gift card and another $20 a few days later and want more, get a job and earn money like the rest of the world, and stop using your disability as an excuse to be lazy and get free things from the government, walmart ect.