Atlanta, Georgia

I will start off by saying never again will I go to a Walmart for prescriptions. I may take it further and not go to Walmart period.

I spend over $1000.00 a month at Walmart. I dropped off my prescription at 7pm and the assistant asked if I want to wait for it to be filled. I stated, no I would pick it up in the morning. He stated ok, it will be ready for you.

You will get a text. The next morning, I still had not received a text and I had to go pick up the prescription and start taking it prior to surgery. Well I went to pick it up, and they did not have the prescription ready. They also stated that they had the “real” brand, but not the “generic”.

The pharmacist stated that it would be later on that evening or maybe the next day before they would have that in stock. If did not start taking the medication that day, I would not be able to start the surgery. The pharmacist stated he was “sorry”. There was nothing he could do.

I stated that he could give me the “real” brand for the same cost of the “generic” brand since they were out of stock and it was over 12 hours that they knew this issue. The pharmacist stated he was “sorry”. I took the “real” brand for $75 difference out of my pocket for their incompetence of having drugs on hand or getting them to the store. I stated that the pharmacist said they were sorry for not compensating for their mistake or miss-management of the pharmacy.

And not trying to make the situation better for the customer. NEVER AGAIN….

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $75.

  • Walmart Pharmacy 1488 Douglasville
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So you wanted them to sell you a real brand for generic cost? I get wanting compensation for the issues you had but that seems a bit overboard.


What did you want them to do? Pull the pills out if their a.s.s?