Durant, Oklahoma

Complaint re. Madill, OK Walmart pharmacy. I took in my perscription for Oxycontin 10mg, 60 pills.

I was told there was not enough in stock to fill the script, that they only had 16 in stock and if I took the 16 I would have to bring in another script from my Dr. Another expense to see him.

This is not the first time this has happened to me at this particular Walmart. I take this med for severe arthritis pain and I have to wait til WED. when they get enough stock to fill all of it. Other Walmarts in my area did not have the med either.

If this were the first time I would not complain but this has happened to me many times in the past year. I take this med in once per month to be filled. Why is it that they so often do not have enough to fill my script.

Why can I not receive a partial fill of the med and pick up the rest when it is available? Other pharmacies I have been to will do this. I have Humana insurance and cannot afford to get this med anywhere else.

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Federal law dictates every filling of narcotics. This will be the case no matter what pharmacy you go to.




And...LadyScot & IdgieThreadgoode are/is a hateful hag...and...well you know....hehehe


The pharmacies I've been to will give you what they have and get the rest coming. Sounds like this pharmacist don't know what he's doing....


Federal law prohibits this in the case of narcotics. Only non-controls can be split into partial fillings.

Not narcotics.

If you take a partial, you lose the rest. At EVERY pharmacy unless the pharmacist is breaking federal law, which will see his license pulled, the pharmacy shut down, and him in prison.


Ask your parents to explain since you cannot comprehend simple English and you will find the answer to your "and".


That is not a pharmacy policy regarding narcotics, it is a federal law. Every pharmacy is allowed only a specific number of narcotics each month.

When they are low on stock, you have two options: go to another pharmacy for the full script, or take what they have. Federal law prohibits partial fills on narcotics, that is why if you take the partial, the rest of the script is void, and you need a new script for the remainder. Again, federal law.

The pharmacist is doing his job as required by law. EVERY pharmacy is required to do the same in relation to narcotics.


Hello Liar - You sure get around, don't you!! In case anonymous doesn't know it, you aren't anything but a liar.

They would do themselves a much greater service to go to their own Wal-Mart store or their doctor's office than to ever accept anything you say as truth.

Why? Because you are a liar!


Umm....that is not a lie. You can read the law on schedule 2 drugs right on the website the drug enforcement agency provides.

Ladyscot sounds like she works for a pharmacy, and who would know better than someone who does this for a living. Melanie, below, also stated the same information.

Why are you posting such things? I have noticed you on several pages being a berk.

I am surprised this website allows this. Not many do.


That is because ladyscott likes to keep them for herself to only fill a partial script can not get the rest well the rest is going somewhere if not to the patient.Where does the rest go ladyscott?


Now that the *** is gaining freedom, the gov wants to control us with someother medical drug. yes i too have been told the pharmacy is out of pain meds under gov control.

what a way to get rid of the infermed population but to let them die in pain.

Again when parents & gov cant control something they hurt the rest of us. Will the gov shoot us when we go crazy with pain or hope we do it to ourselves?


Walmart Pharmacy gets a set number of scheduel II drugs each month. They CANNOT order what they need, they can only supply out of what corporate has deemed they will receive.

Humana is however accepted at many other, privately owned pharmacies, which CAN order what they need, as they need it. My husband is on Oxycodone, and has Humana. After a year of fighting with Walmart every month, only to get constantly shorted, or delayed, we switched to a small hometown pharmacy.

The man who owns it, owns two others as well. Humana (Medicare) sets the prices when you have it, not the individual pharmacies, so YES you can afford to go elsewhere!!


Dear Oxycontin patient:

Oxycontin is a schedule II prescription medication. Pharmacy law is much more stringent on this class of medication.

A partial supply of a schedule II medication may be filled, but the remaining quantity of the prescription must be filled within 72 hours of the initial dispensing per federal law. Walmart & Sam's club only receive schedule II medications once weekly, therefore it is nearly impossible for their pharmacist to fulfill the 72 hour rule. This is why they have trouble doing partial fills of schedule II medications. If the remaining quantity of the prescription is not dispensed within 72 hours of initially dispensing, by law, the prescription expires, and a new written prescription is required from the physician.

Also, regarding Oxycontin in stock... Pharmacies keep minimal quantities of this medication because it is very expensive to keep on hand for a pharmacy.

Keeping low quantities of these highly additive narcotics lessens the risk of the pharmacy being burglarized or robbed & tends to deter narcotic drug seekers. Legitimate pain patients on this medication should drop off prescriptions at least 1 week before medications are needed.


I've been trying to pick up the balance of a non-narcotic walmart drug from the pharmacy only to be told to come back that they can only give me 4 tabs at a time. I have a 180 tab script.

At this rate if I have to go back every 2 days there 10.00 meds are going to be mighty expensive.

They told me if I would like to drive another 25 mile east or west that my order can be filled. I'm already driving 25 miles.


you have arthritis, yeah right! you're a

druggie, everybody knows it, and that's

why they won't fill it.


I am not a fan of Walmart Pharmacy at all, in fact just yesterday I got an email from the "pharmacy" that my transfer request had been processed and was ready for pick up. Glad I called before to get the price, because the pharmacy didn't even have the request and stated that the corporate office had sent the false email. Why would the corporate office send an email like that when they would have no way of knowing if it was ready or not.

But in this case, as much as I feel for the writer, as I have had this happen to me also, there are alot of pharmacies that will not carry that particular painkiller anymore. In Spokane, WA where I live there have been many pharmacies that have been held up at gunpoint for this medication.

You might try what I do. When I know I will be seeing my doctor, and I have been on this medication for several years now, I call the pharmacy and ask them to order it for me. Since I always know what amount the doctor will be giving me, and have over time gotten to know the pharmacy at the Safeway where I get my medications (and will continue to after the false email from Walmart)they appreciate the notice and have never not had enough to fill my prescription.

Just a thought, but because this is such a strong "street drug", that might be why they never have enough.