Dallas, Texas

You go out in 99 degree weather to pick up your medicine, only to find the Pharmacy staff went to lunch 20 minutes early, then returned 10 minutes late?

walmart Lincoln ave Harlingen?

A couple days later, after submitting prescription online & receiving conformation e-mail, I go to pick up Meds, they were sent to another store, then they said it would be 30 minutes, I get home 15 minutes later, only to receive a text, it was ready, such bad service, I will be moving my service to walgreeens, they could not do any worse at this point, Thank you.

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Sorry, but when you do your scripts online, YOU choose the pharmacy location to have them filled in. YOU chose the wrong one.


Sorry, but when you do your scripts online, YOU choose the pharmacy location to have them filled in. YOU chose the wrong one.


I recently had a very bad case of bronchitis. My doctor called in two prescriptions to the Walmart Pharmacy in Richardson, TX.

I went by on my way home and was told it would be a two hour wait. So I went home. About an hour and a half later, I get a call from Walmart asking me to call back. I was in the bathroom when they called.

The guy left the WRONG number. I looked up the right number, only to be told that they did not have my antibiotic (guess NO Walmart in the Dallas TX area had it either or no one gave a *** to check) but they could get it to me in two to FIVE days! The pharmacist, who spoke very poor English acts like he's doing me a FAVOR to get it for me days later. I told him I could be DEAD from pneumonia in five days and that I was going to transfer the prescriptions to Walgreens.

Walgreens had my prescription filled in half an hour with less than half the personnel. But there's more. The Walmart pharmacist only transferred ONE of the two prescriptions, so I had to make two trips in the 100 degree heat while really sick just to get my meds.

Then I had to sit for ten minutes at the window while Walmart personnel tried to figure out where they lost the one! Never again will I deal with these bozo's!


Most likely they went to lunch 20 minutes early because their business was slow, and they came back ten minutes late because they were asked questions by at least six people while trying to return them. However *** them for going to lunch break and eating, after all they are robots not people. Let's take away your lunch break and see how you feel.


well Walgreens is a smaller store so they're typically faster. but what does the 99 degree heat have to do with anything? you're in a car with AC and then in stores with AC.