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Got a call that I could pick up my prescription after 1 pm. I got there at 1:29 pm and the pharmacy was closed for lunch. No notification in my phone call however. If, as I was told, the pharmacist must have a 30 minute lunch, why isn't there a pharmacist hired to cover lunch time. Not only is this inconvenient but it is not the way a business should be run that has customers to support it. If this practice was used at the cashier counters, no one could check out what they bought - profits would plummet.

I also do not understand why everyone has to eat lunch at the same time. My prescription was ready for pick up and did not need a pharmacist to give it to me. Why do all of the clerks have to eat when the pharmacist eats? Why can't someone cover the front desk to take prescriptions and get paid for the ones already filled by the pharmacist?

I have cancelled my prescription with Walmart and will not get any others filled there. If we all boycotted this practice, then maybe they would hire a pharmacist to cover for lunch. Do they close for 15 minute breaks, too?

Ridiculous policy. Grocery stores, drug stores, Target, etc. do not do this. Shame on you Walmart. You have gotten a little too big for your britches.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Lol cause it's the truth.. and funny at the end


Its not about them eating or coverage. My grandma is 79 years old w a cane.

Why tell the elderly to come in after 1 when you know damn well no one is there until 2.

By the grace, I picked up my Granny's meds the day this happen to me. What was my grandma gonna do for an hour?


Well I'm on here to find out pharmacy lunch times so I can plan for pickup of my husband's script.. so maybe plan better, have some patience and try to stop complaining about every little thing.

News Flash: the world doesn't revolve around you and stuff happens. Be nice to the people who serve you!


I agree they should have lunch, by all means, but when you have multiple pharmacists, staggering your lunches would be a better business practice.


Because there are laws against leaving technicians unattended without the supervision of a pharmacist. It doesn’t make business sense to hire a $100k per year pharmacist to cover lunches. Covering a lunch for somebody to ring up your milk is a different thing altogether.


Same thing just happened to me. I was told 2 days ago script could be picked up after 1:30, came at 2 and was told they were behind and it could be picked up at 3:45.

Got in my car and went home, received a text at 2:30 saying script was ready. Came back today to get it and Pharmacy is closed for lunch. What pharmacy does that? Normally in healthcare lunches are not all taken at once.

Someone could at least be available for picking up and dropping off scripts. Ridiculous!!!!


I agree with you. Walgreens does the same thing. Have someone cover the lunch break and dont shut the whole pharmacy down Very stupid process!!


Geez let the employ eat lunch together. They work hard for you. I can never understand why people are so selfish...


There LEGALLY has to be a pharmacist in the pharmacy at all times. Therefore if there isn’t a pharmacist in the pharmacy then no one can be there to check out your prescription. It is a nationwide thing lately with Walmart that they haven’t had the sales to keep them open as long, therefore making then close for a 30 minute lunch.


I had a very similar experience with wallmart pharmacy years ago. Phone message told me my prescription would be ready after 1:00.

Got there and pharmacy was closed for lunch. The problem wasn't that the pharmacy staff was haveing lunch. Heavens no, I'm all for that ! Munch away in blissful tastiness by all means.

The problem was I was told to show up at that time when they already knew it would be closed. Such a simple solution that to this date I dont think they have addressed.

Just add on a small quick note to the automated message saying " your order will be ready for pickup after (whatever time) please be aware our pharmacy will be closed for lunch between the hours of(this time and that time)." Problem solved. Since I already had this happen to me before, I am fully aware not to show up unless its before 12:00 or after 2:00.


30 mins.,not a reason to get bent. I'd hate to have to deal with these unreasonable donkey derrie'res.

They should be appreciated for extended there hours and being open on Sundays. Smile, it's contagious and quit stressing.

It's not good for you or the people around you. Adjustment in additude would be beneficial.


You are the type of customer we make fun of when you leave or hang up. We are happy when your prescriptions get transferred to the pharmacy unlucky to get your business.


Jaeleen if your a employee of Walmart pharmacy you would no longer have a job if I was your boss. I’m in the medical field & treat patients daily, sometimes it’s a tough job as they are not feeling well or in pain.

But the main thing is to always treat each and every patient with kindness and RESPECT! Never make fun of them behind their backs.

Next time when a patient transfers a prescription to another company think of it as one day you loose your pay! And maybe when you realise your no longer getting paid due to your poor attitude you may learn to treat each patient differently..


Agreed. These fools on here commenting against the OP would be the first ones up in arms if their grocery store closed for lunch, or the gas station shut down for lunch, or similar.

It's a business and like every other business, lunch is covered in shifts. It's not a hard concept to understand or expect.


Do you get a break at your job?


Would you prefer that the pharmacist wait fill your prescription while they are holding a sandwich in one hand at eating it? What if touched your meds while their hands were covered in orange cheese from the Cheetos that they were munching on?


Or they spill the vodka that they are drinking. Hey it is their lunch break so they are off the clock and can drink.


Stupid comment. If the website says they’re open, they should be open.

If they text you to tell you to pick up your prescription at a certain time, they should be open. Simple.


Because if it's on the internet it must be true! Lol


I agree with that customer, why doesn't the pharmacist and the Clerks at the counter eat in different shifts? It is very inconvenient for some customers.!