Got a call that I could pick up my prescription after 1 pm. I got there at 1:29 pm and the pharmacy was closed for lunch. No notification in my phone call however. If, as I was told, the pharmacist must have a 30 minute lunch, why isn't there a pharmacist hired to cover lunch time. Not only is this inconvenient but it is not the way a business should be run that has customers to support it. If this practice was used at the cashier counters, no one could check out what they bought - profits would plummet.

I also do not understand why everyone has to eat lunch at the same time. My prescription was ready for pick up and did not need a pharmacist to give it to me. Why do all of the clerks have to eat when the pharmacist eats? Why can't someone cover the front desk to take prescriptions and get paid for the ones already filled by the pharmacist?

I have cancelled my prescription with Walmart and will not get any others filled there. If we all boycotted this practice, then maybe they would hire a pharmacist to cover for lunch. Do they close for 15 minute breaks, too?

Ridiculous policy. Grocery stores, drug stores, Target, etc. do not do this. Shame on you Walmart. You have gotten a little too big for your britches.

Review about: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I don’t go to Walmart for my prescription but the pharmacy in the supermarket where I shop does close for a lunch period. There are signs posted stating the time they do close so anyone who goes there knows well in advance of the hours.


I know this is old but let me explain since I am a former Walmart pharmacy Technician...First, pharmacists do not fill prescriptions only pharmacy technicians do. However, according to state laws pharmacy technicians can not be left alone in the pharmacy under any circumstances.

Saturday and Sunday are typically the only two days which the pharmacy closes for lunch.This is due to the pharmacy being generally pretty slow on these days and not scheduling more than one pharmacist.Unfortunately Walmart Pharmacy is always short staffed and does not care to hire enough employees to work the job functions. Glad I left when I had the opportunity.


So you either complain that:1) walmart treats their employee's poorly OR2) you complain that they actually gave a pharmacist 30 minutes to eat without talking to anyone.Wow that's incredible. People only think about themselves.

Do these *** really expect a company to bring in another pharmacist for 30 minutes so they can eat? Just because CVS and Walgreens treat's their pharmacist like *** doesn't mean Walmart should.Poor little babies had to wait 30 minutes so the pharmacy staff could eat in peace.

to Anon #1488121

Or they could alternate lunches like any one else in the service industry


Prescription cannot be picked up if a pharmacist is not on duty. Neither a pharmacy technician nor a store manager can sell a prescription if a pharmacist is not on duty.

That's the law. Pharmacist works on his/her feet all day long.

My pharmacy does not close pharmacy during lunch and I get disrupted constantly and it's very annoying. Retail pharmacist is a very stressful job and I believe 30 minute break during 12 or 14 hour shift is not a huge thing to ask for sake of the safety of patients and pharmacist's sanity to prevent mistakes.


A pharmacy closing for lunch is certainly ridiculous and truly shows you the attitude of Walmart and what they think of customers. But, face it---this is Walmart.

By the way, there are many other pharmacies in your area.

No reason to go to Walmart to save a couple of dollars. No doubt some "snowflake" will make excuses for this behavior, but the bottom line is that closing for lunch is simply an overt act signifying what Walmart thinks of you.


Exactly. This is ridiculous


Sometimes we the "customer" are on our lunch break and may work night shift too so can't come back until after the pharmacy is closed. It's a Wal-Mart too I think they can hire enough pharmacists to alternate lunch breaks without closing the entire pharmacy. I'm all for the employee getting breaks or a break I'm a working single mom with two jobs and sometimes I can only get there at specific times and if at that time I only have 30 minute break I clearly cannot wait until the pharmacist takes theres.

to Cyndi85 #1464504

My Walmart has up to THREE pharmacists at once at yet they still close (the whole pharmacy, gates down) for lunch. Annoying when the tell you your script will be ready in 30, but neglect to tell you THEY won't be there


A pharmacist HAS to be on the clock and on the floor if a single patient/customer is being helped. If the patient has any questions or concerns or issues, they have to be there.

If there is only one pharmacist on duty (as is usually the case) then that pharmacist legally HAS to be off the clock for at least 30 minutes when they generally work 12 hour shifts.

It is the law.

May be 'inconvenient' for the public....but the world does not revolve around what is convenient.

When given the choice, I would think and hope a person would choose that the law is followed and that the individual who is in charge of your safe medication dispensing is taken care of, if even minimally.

The pharmacists at retail locations stand all day, help counsel patients on things from blood thinners to could medicine, speak to nurses and docs on the phone regularly on the patients' behalf, look at every patients' allergies and other meds they are taking to notice any interactions that can = death or something, oversight of the rest of the staff behind the counter...etc etc......

So, really???? A 30 minute lunch break is so much to ask?!?

Doctor's offices usually have multiple nurses and doctors on staff so that is not a comparable situation. And nurses and aids are licensed to perform their duties without a doctor on site.

to Pharm63 #1393283

If it's the law, why are they closed? I'm not happy either.

to Pharm63 #1434262

They don’t make it obvious that they close though. There isn’t a sign up saying “closed for lunch between 1:30-2:00.

It’s not a long time to wait and there is plenty to do while you wait, but if you yourself are on a lunch break...I can see why it is frustrating. Don’t talk about the law when it comes to Walmart....they DO NOT follow it.

On the other hand, people have to understand that some prescriptions come from sample type packaging. So let’s say you have 2 left.

A person in the back can easily steal those.

Everyone needs to be working and monitored for people to keep track of things and make sure medicines aren’t stolen. It’s very tempting for people with a family history of addiction or those who can’t afford certain meds to be tempted to steal.


It is so ridiculous to me that people only see things from their own perspective.

The pharmacy should operate just as the physicians offices.

They should CLOSE for lunch EVERY day without apology. If you need your prescription, then you come when it is open. The problem is that the retail chains have given patients the idea that the Pharmacy is a fast food chain, your way, your day whenever you come. When you are in a physicians office, you wait!

The same should be the case for Pharmacists. You are putting medicine in your body and there is RISK associated with rushing. You forget to get your prescriptions refilled and think that it is the PHARMACY that is responsible for calling the physician's office. Well it's NOT, that's a courtesy offered to assist.

Furthermore, most time the pharmacist at most retail pharmacies are forced to come to open the pharmacies, regardless to whether they have sick kids, are sick themselves AND do not get a chance to step away for at LEAST 30 mins to eat and catch a breather!

THAT's what is ridiculous!!! If you want to complain, why not consider complaining about that to the retail giants that have created a monopoly and devalued the entire pharmacy profession.


Its the law, they have to close the pharmacy if no pharmasist is behind the counter. Some pharmacies dont close for lunch because they make the pharmasist work the whole time without a break.


While I find that closing the whole pharmacy so everyone gets lunch at the same time it's a bad idea, hiring a pharmacist just for lunch hour is ridiculous. Just this week I had a prescription at CVS, and the pharmacist had to make a change on the papers but he/she wasn't there because he/she was at lunch.

I just came back later.

Now, for transactions that don't require the pharmacist they should always have somone there during business hours. There's no need for everyone to eat at the same time.


Oh shut up its only a 30 min lunch break. There's only 1 pharmacist on duty. Get it before or after break

Leon, Iowa, United States #1330084

I agree. They should have someone cover the lunch shift. This is an inconvenience for customers, who are most generally in a hurry.

to Anonymous #1331355

What a ridiculous comment...as if any pharmacist would be willing to come work for just 30 minutes everyday!!!! Find out what time the pharmacist goes to lunch and plan accordingly! It's not rocket science!

to Anonymous #1332294

He meant take lunches at different times, genius.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1334096

They only have 1 pharmacist on duty at a time, GENIUS!!!!

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