Got a call that I could pick up my prescription after 1 pm. I got there at 1:29 pm and the pharmacy was closed for lunch. No notification in my phone call however. If, as I was told, the pharmacist must have a 30 minute lunch, why isn't there a pharmacist hired to cover lunch time. Not only is this inconvenient but it is not the way a business should be run that has customers to support it. If this practice was used at the cashier counters, no one could check out what they bought - profits would plummet.

I also do not understand why everyone has to eat lunch at the same time. My prescription was ready for pick up and did not need a pharmacist to give it to me. Why do all of the clerks have to eat when the pharmacist eats? Why can't someone cover the front desk to take prescriptions and get paid for the ones already filled by the pharmacist?

I have cancelled my prescription with Walmart and will not get any others filled there. If we all boycotted this practice, then maybe they would hire a pharmacist to cover for lunch. Do they close for 15 minute breaks, too?

Ridiculous policy. Grocery stores, drug stores, Target, etc. do not do this. Shame on you Walmart. You have gotten a little too big for your britches.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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*** like this is why I left the pharmacy world. I grew up in a small town where the pharmacist knew everyone, and people tended to be understanding. I was very naive to think that's how the world works in bigger cities.


As a pharmacy tech i would like to punch you in the face :)Techs ARE NOT to be left alone in the pharmacy WITHOUT a pharmacist. So when the pharmacist goes to lunch, we have to as well.Complaining that a pharmacist should be hired to cover the 30 minute lunch break is the dumbest thing i have EVER heard.

If you were a pharmacist im sure you would refuse to be hired to go a pharmacy and work for 30 minutes and then leave. How would a pharmacist support themselves working 30 mins a day ALSO. 15 minute breaks are not mandatory so the pharmacist does not take them. Only the techs take the 15 minute breaks.

You customers are the most selfish people i have ever met. It is 30 freaking minutes.

to Jane.15 #1571093

She prolly needed her controlled meds


Have to sit here 45 minutes to get test strips fromLocked cabinet


Everyone has to eat and take a break. Can you imagine the *** people these employees have to deal with on a daily basis?

However, on a happier note I also understand what you are talking about too. They should always mention that they will be at lunch if they tell someone to pick their prescriptions up after their lunch hour if they haven’t already taken lunch. I also do not understand why someone cannot just simply fill in for a half hour. Probably to *** the customers off?

Possible payback? Just a guess... Smile! At least they had your prescription filled.

What if they told you it was out of stock after they had already scribbled a bunch of stuff on your actual prescription paper and you decided to get it filled elsewhere? It is what it is...

I’m just happy that I am alive and it’s sunny and pretty out. Have a Happy Day


Actually Walgreens does the same thing... I’m sure your 25 dollars doesn’t mean anything to a conglomerate like Walmart.


They legally can not give out a prescription if the pharmacist is on lunch it is federal law and besides would you idiots want to be bothered on your lunch break, probably not so just get over it and move on.


Experienced the same thing 06/02/2018 115pm to 215 pm, so stupid!!! And when the clerks are there, they are unhappy and rude.


Talk about a "First World Problem!" Sheesh! Get over it!


I don’t go to Walmart for my prescription but the pharmacy in the supermarket where I shop does close for a lunch period. There are signs posted stating the time they do close so anyone who goes there knows well in advance of the hours.


I know this is old but let me explain since I am a former Walmart pharmacy Technician...First, pharmacists do not fill prescriptions only pharmacy technicians do. However, according to state laws pharmacy technicians can not be left alone in the pharmacy under any circumstances.

Saturday and Sunday are typically the only two days which the pharmacy closes for lunch.This is due to the pharmacy being generally pretty slow on these days and not scheduling more than one pharmacist.Unfortunately Walmart Pharmacy is always short staffed and does not care to hire enough employees to work the job functions. Glad I left when I had the opportunity.

to Anon11111 #1494051

I've mostly had pharmacists fill my scripts.


So you either complain that:1) walmart treats their employee's poorly OR2) you complain that they actually gave a pharmacist 30 minutes to eat without talking to anyone.Wow that's incredible. People only think about themselves.

Do these *** really expect a company to bring in another pharmacist for 30 minutes so they can eat? Just because CVS and Walgreens treat's their pharmacist like *** doesn't mean Walmart should.Poor little babies had to wait 30 minutes so the pharmacy staff could eat in peace.

to Anon #1488121

Or they could alternate lunches like any one else in the service industry

to Alex #1503594

And who would alternate with the pharmacist? There is only one pharmacist on duty on weekends.

It’s the law. This isn’t McDonald’s.

to Alex #1522663

Does your doctors office stay open during lunch? And just rotate out?

They are also in the healthcare industry. Just wondering


Prescription cannot be picked up if a pharmacist is not on duty. Neither a pharmacy technician nor a store manager can sell a prescription if a pharmacist is not on duty.

That's the law. Pharmacist works on his/her feet all day long.

My pharmacy does not close pharmacy during lunch and I get disrupted constantly and it's very annoying. Retail pharmacist is a very stressful job and I believe 30 minute break during 12 or 14 hour shift is not a huge thing to ask for sake of the safety of patients and pharmacist's sanity to prevent mistakes.


A pharmacy closing for lunch is certainly ridiculous and truly shows you the attitude of Walmart and what they think of customers. But, face it---this is Walmart.

By the way, there are many other pharmacies in your area.

No reason to go to Walmart to save a couple of dollars. No doubt some "snowflake" will make excuses for this behavior, but the bottom line is that closing for lunch is simply an overt act signifying what Walmart thinks of you.

to h.kitchener #1494043

The only snowflakes here are the entitled people like you throwing fits over a 30 minute span. Get over yourselves, a pharmacy will bend over backwards to take care of its patients in a timely matter but then at the same time these same patients will gladly schedule a Dr’s appointment for 2 pm and not get seen till 2:45 and no one bats an eye. Tough luck snowflake.

to h.kitchener #1522826

I bet you don’t think it’s ridiculous when the doctors office closes for lunch. Pharmacists are also highly trained healthcare professionals.

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