Got a call that I could pick up my prescription after 1 pm. I got there at 1:29 pm and the pharmacy was closed for lunch. No notification in my phone call however. If, as I was told, the pharmacist must have a 30 minute lunch, why isn't there a pharmacist hired to cover lunch time. Not only is this inconvenient but it is not the way a business should be run that has customers to support it. If this practice was used at the cashier counters, no one could check out what they bought - profits would plummet.

I also do not understand why everyone has to eat lunch at the same time. My prescription was ready for pick up and did not need a pharmacist to give it to me. Why do all of the clerks have to eat when the pharmacist eats? Why can't someone cover the front desk to take prescriptions and get paid for the ones already filled by the pharmacist?

I have cancelled my prescription with Walmart and will not get any others filled there. If we all boycotted this practice, then maybe they would hire a pharmacist to cover for lunch. Do they close for 15 minute breaks, too?

Ridiculous policy. Grocery stores, drug stores, Target, etc. do not do this. Shame on you Walmart. You have gotten a little too big for your britches.

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Monetary Loss: $25.

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Its the law, they have to close the pharmacy if no pharmasist is behind the counter. Some pharmacies dont close for lunch because they make the pharmasist work the whole time without a break.


While I find that closing the whole pharmacy so everyone gets lunch at the same time it's a bad idea, hiring a pharmacist just for lunch hour is ridiculous.Just this week I had a prescription at CVS, and the pharmacist had to make a change on the papers but he/she wasn't there because he/she was at lunch.

I just came back later.

Now, for transactions that don't require the pharmacist they should always have somone there during business hours.There's no need for everyone to eat at the same time.


Oh shut up its only a 30 min lunch break. There's only 1 pharmacist on duty. Get it before or after break

Leon, Iowa, United States #1330084

I agree. They should have someone cover the lunch shift. This is an inconvenience for customers, who are most generally in a hurry.

to Anonymous #1331355

What a ridiculous comment...as if any pharmacist would be willing to come work for just 30 minutes everyday!!!! Find out what time the pharmacist goes to lunch and plan accordingly! It's not rocket science!

to Anonymous #1332294

He meant take lunches at different times, genius.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1334096

They only have 1 pharmacist on duty at a time, GENIUS!!!!

to Anonymous #1365610

For those of you complaining about a pharmacist getting a lunch, Do YOU get to take a lunch break at work?

Flushing, Michigan, United States #1325331

Dr.offices routinely give patients drug samples from Pharma reps.

with no licensed Pharmacist in the building.If the drug isn't considered a controlled substance the tech can hand it to you pharmacist present or not , they don't run to the Pharmacist to get "permission" to hand every customer every script.

to dave #1331353

True but there are freakin' doctors present when samples are given at doctor offices! Pharmacies are NOT allowed to stay open if there is no pharmacist currently on duty.

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