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Today (1/24/17) I visited walmart pharmacy at Putty hill, Towson, Baltimore, MD. and bought laxative (PEG). After 40 minutes, I realized that I have 2 different laxative in prescription and PEG was costly. I asked the Pharmacist (name Michael) for the return. He told me that he will not take it back as I may have tempered with the laxative. I showed him the packing, that was intact and the bag was sealed with stapler pin (no tempering) but he...
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LadyScot The store manager is right. The state board of pharmacy controls the pharmacy, not the store manager.
The pharmacist is right. Once you leave the pharmacy counter you own t...

I have waited 3 plus hours for a prescription refill at the Socorro, NM store. I have been told by the pharmacist June, that she hasn't had time to unpack a shipment of drugs. There are 10 people working behind the counter in the pharmacy! What gives? I do. Nevermind that it's for Morphine, I am in terrible pain! June is rude and dismissive on top of it all! I have a 50 mile drive home once the Rx is finally done. Walmart sucks!.
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Went to wal mart #719 in richmond ky on 06/20/16 to purchase calritin d 24hr non drowsy for my 13yr old son who takes this year round for asthma related allergy issues.upon walking to the counter the clerk who had those silver dollar size loopsbin his ears told me i could buy the claritin unless i filled my prescriptions there,my son and i have nothing but otc medications.once i explained he said ok i could purchase them and immediately turned...
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Anonymous to Not_the_0P 10 hours ago #1188743
You can't. We've already established you are 13 and you constantly leave out punctuation, have run on sentences, fragmente...


Anonymous I cannot read this wall of text.
What happened to using correct grammar and correct punctuation?
I do not see that in this wall of text.

I didn't like
  • Stereotyping and discrimination
My husband and I have shopped Walmart pharmacy in Corsicana for over 10 years. Yesterday we tried to check out in the pharmacy and the clerk kept saying our credit card was rejected. My husband told her it was a credit not a debit and the option to choose credit never came up on the scanner. I tried it with my card and the same thing. We are retired and have ample income our bank account stays at a significant balance. We knew this was a clerk...
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Anonymous OP:
You do realize that even if you take your business elsewhere, you may experience the same problem again regarding your bank card?
So will you became impatient again,...


Anonymous Why are font-line employees blamed for something that is completely out of their control?
How would you feel if you were the clerk, and a customer did exactly what...