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My husband and I have shopped Walmart pharmacy in Corsicana for over 10 years. Yesterday we tried to check out in the pharmacy and the clerk kept saying our credit card was rejected.

My husband told her it was a credit not a debit and the option to choose credit never came up on the scanner. I tried it with my card and the same thing. We are retired and have ample income our bank account stays at a significant balance. We knew this was a clerk badly trained and was allowed to check people out.

She must have been use to debit cards only. We called the pharmcy after leaving the store and explain our problem checking out...and some smarty pants transferred the call to customer service without even a word. Then your customer service said to call our bank like there couldnt possibly be another problem other than we tried to buy something with no money available. Be advised we checked our bank and there was nothing wrong with our cards.

Also know this...we will take our business elsewhere with this type of resolving a problem from employees assuming there is no problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacy Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You do realize that even if you take your business elsewhere, you may experience the same problem again regarding your bank card?

So will you became impatient again, blame the front-line employee for the problem, and then go somewhere else too?

What would you do if this happens at an entirely different business? Will you do the same thing that you did at the Walmart pharmacy?


Why are font-line employees blamed for something that is completely out of their control?


How would you feel if you were the clerk, and a customer did exactly what you did to her?

What would happen if the shoe was on the other foot?

Think about that before getting huffy and complaining.



The only choices I've ever seen a WM (and most other cashiers these days) make about card are whether they're EBT (foodstamps) vs gift cards vs "anything else." Also, WM's machines don't care about purchases under a certain level ($25 I think) -- they'll run them as credit/no PIN needed even if they ARE debit cards.

More to the point, the worker DID NOT cause your card to be declined, and the worker has no way to know WHY it was declined. OP, You need to call the bank or go there in person to find out why, instead of blaming someone who was just doing their job.

It could very well have been because charges were made at unusual stores, or for unusual amounts. Still not the cashier's fault.


Good grief

One problem regarding your bank card and now you taking your business elsewhere?

Technology is not perfect. Please understand and accept that.

Talk about first world problems *shaking my head*

Exactly how do you know that the clerk was poorly trained?

Training has nothing to do with this, and so why are you even mentioning it?

An error message showed up on the screen.

Exactly what do you expect the clerk or any clerk at any other business to do about that? This is the technological problem.


I'll never understand some people and how they are so impatient with the people that they are shopping around. Get a grip.

*** happens! So your card didn't work at the one machine.

Big deal.


I should also add you are badly trained by your parents as you are an adult and still act like a child.


While you may be retired, using terms like "smarty pants" makes you sound like you are seven years old. I agree it is not the clerk's fault.

Would you like it if you were blamed for something not your fault.

I feel bad for your husband having to put up with you all these years. He is a brave man for doing so.


Look, if your card won't go through then it won't go through and there is nothing the clerk (or any other clerk) can do about it. Training has nothing to do with it.