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After visiting the Walmart at van *** and 12 mile Warren Michigan store I'm definitely less than impressed although the pharmacy department was very nice A gentleman named Darrell who stopped in the paint department after I waited for about 15 minutes for an associate to come by and help me, tried to ignore me and seemed like i made him angry simply by asking a question and when I asked him another question about the paint product I was interested in, he replied in disgust "I don't know". I attempted to speak with somebody at the property but everyone I approached seem to act busy as soon as you get near them as if they're trying to avoid customer contact all I have to say that this is the worst Walmart store I've ever visited and I find it kind of funny that when I saw Darryl again at the desk with the black gentleman he seemed to be as kind as could be, Im not sure if this was racial , considering Darryl was black and I'm white, I will not return to this Walmart and possibly not any Walmart at all simply because i can easily go to Meyer were they are a least friendly and attempt to help.Oh and just in case there's more than one Darryl, this Darrel said he was an LOD or something like that.

He was extremely self important. when he got on the radio because nobody answered him the first few times when he asked the question that I was looking to have answered in the paint department he even had trouble getting assistance.

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You made the mistake yourself of asking a black person a question. Come on use your head, most blacks don't know how to read, do you really expect him to answer your question.

I just hope you had enough sense to check your pant pocket for your wallet to make sure he did not steal it, or check to make sure he did not steal your watch. You really expect someone who does not know how to read past a seventh grade level to know about paint. Of course they are going to be rude to white people they are the enemy. Next time ask a white person for help, that way if they don't know the answer to your question they can at least read to find out.

Don't expect someone to answer questions when chances are he cannot even spell his own name.

If you were in a new neighborhood or on vacation and got lost you would not ask an eight year old directions would you. Same thing with blacks, don't ask them questions which require reading and thinking.