New Milford, Connecticut
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I recently called in a refill on my husbands protinx medication. When I arrived to make the pick up the clerk told me my prescription was 68.00.

I said that is some kind of mistake please check again i have a coupon and it cost me 12.00 every month to pick it up. The pharmacist tells me no that is the price when you don't have insurance. So while standing at the counter I pull up the coupon on GoodRX hand the clerk my phone that clearly states the prescription will be 11.69 and the pharmacist states that 16.03 is the price I can pay that amount or take my prescription elsewhere. Really that is the customer way you were trained in customer service.

I drive to New Milford which is 30 min from my house in New York to get my prescriptions filled and he is tell me basically take it or leave it.

I spoke to the store manager and his answer was sorry the pharmacy is not under our control you will need to call that manager. Needless to say I would rather Pay CVS more for my medications that to ever deal with that *** again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Not giving you what you want is not the same as disrespect, just saying, and any store would do the same if you are not willing to pay the price they charged. New year usually means raised prices.

That is how things worked when I worked at Kmart. I also got customers like you mistaking being told no as rudeness or disrespect, when it was you who were disrespectful because you could not take no for an answer.


You cannot afford to pay for the price that you are supposed to pay for than leave it. This is not poor customer service, prices go up you know.

Get jobs so you can afford to pay for your prescription. You must be very young and do not know how things work, I am surprised you are even old enough to be married. They pharmacy rents the space in Walmart and they are the ones to deal with your issue. You cannot even afford to pay more for your medication at Walmart so you certainly will not be able to afford CVS prices.

If I were charging you $16 for something and you only wanted to pay $12. I too would say the same, and it is the store not the pharmacist that makes the prices.