Apollo, Pennsylvania

I have been sick for past 4 days I finally was able to go to the hospital last nite. Dr gave me scripts I needed. My daughter takes them for me since I'm not able to because of this stomach virus I have which I need medication for.

Low and behold she waited and waited to just hand in scripts then was told at 1pm there would be a 30 min wait. OK no problem really I've waited this long what's another 30 mins? She goes back in 30 mins and the pharmacy closes from 1:30 til 2 for lunch.

What kind of monkey operation does Walmart have? Do they just not care about the ppl that keep them in business? Medication is more important than that other junk(yeah I said it)they sell. If they are going to have a pharmacy act accordingly.

Ppl get life saving meds from them and it should be as important to Walmart as it to person getting it. It just seems that if they gonna close something for lunch why not just close whole *** store so all employees can eat together!! Walmart never ceases to amaze me. But I've always heard and firmly believe "the bigger they are the harder they fall".

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You a dummy. No one gets a life saving medication from Walmart that can't wait 30 minutes lololol.

Just hit the deli and get a rotersie chicken to Keep ya busy for a 1/2 hr.


The pharmacy is open from 9am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9 am through 7 pm and Sunday 10 am through 6 pm. It only seems fair that a pharmacist gets a 30 minute lunch break because their shift runs 12 hours.

Do you go to stores and pound on their doors and windows when they are closed or do you respect their hours of operation?


The only one who needs medication is Mr Lea. Not you Mrs Lea.

He must feel suicidal having married you. He probably needs Prozack or other anti depressants.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

All the other pharmacies in my area, CVS and Walgreens open at 7am and close at 9pm and do not close for lunch. If I go to the Wal-mart web site for my area it says open form 9am to 9pm

nothing about being close for lunch....


They don't close if they have more than one pharmacist on duty. Otherwise, they have to close.


You were in the hospital the night before, but you waited until the afternoon the next day to fill the scrips that you so desperately needed? Oh, shut up.

What is with the impatience and sense of entitlement with these customers? I'd like to know exactly what you were prescribed if you had a virus as a doctor would not prescribe antibiotics...


oh well? if I read your post wrong then that's a simple mistake compared to how many mistakes you've made.

besides, it's hard to comprehend everything you say when you post such ridiculous things. not to mention that you have a different, insane complaint almost every day. and now you post another comment about how you're a drug abuser. you need a prescription for pills at the pharmacy MrsLea.

you can't just go there and buy any pill you want. at least now that sheds some light at to why you act so psychotic on this site.


I am really mad at the pharmacy because they wouldn't give me extra pain medicine. My doctor gave me a prescription for 30 pills, but I lost the bottle and tried to get more pain pills at the pharmacy.

I even told the pharmacy associate that my husband works at the Walmart home office. After she and the pharmacist said they would not give me my drugs without a new precription, I decided to give them a second chance and would try again in a few minutes. But guess what? When I went back in 15 minutes, the pharmacy was closed for lunch.

HOW DARE THEY?? They should be there to serve the customer anytime the customers wants something.


I am a certified pharmacy technician and the fact that you lost your pills is your problem. For all we know, you could be lying to us and selling them on the side.

They are just pain pills; it's not a life threatening situation.

Also, the pharmacists work long hours - as much as 13 consecutive hours.

It is Walmart policy that they take a 30 min lunch break, usually from 1:30 to 2 pm.


"Also, I just mentioned Tire and Lube as another extremely bad service place in Walmart, along with the pharmacy."

That is because people like in Head Office like your husband are too lazy to address the issue with the store manager.


Also, I just mentioned Tire and Lube as another extremely bad service place in Walmart, along with the pharmacy.


Ihatestupidcustomers, I said I was FROM California. That was where we moved to Arkansas from. Your reading comprehension skills are not too well.


well ONE thing I will agree with MrsLea01 on is that a place like Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS is a better place for prescriptions. they're not full of *** customers like Walmart gets for one thing.

but it's typical of MrsLea to bring up her husband again. I don't see how that has ANYTHING to do with this topic, or tires and lube. she's got some serious problems, no wonder why she's on so many medications. we all know that no one has posted as your name.

in one post, which said your Arkansas location by the way, you claimed to live in California. so you're caught up in your fake stories and lies.

as for the original poster, just get over it.

a break is a right and required by law. next time, remember the lunch hours.


Like I said, you can claim that you were impersonated as much as you want. That does not change the fact that the person who tried to *** me off has the same last name and husband's occupation as you.


Jedi, that person claiming I give my husband sexual favors in return for stuff was an imposter using my username. Like I said before, if it doesn't say Springdale, AR for the username location, it isn't me! I don't know why this site doesn't allow one username per person??


"The pharmacy at the Walmart where I live has a rather large sign with the hours of operation (including the lunch closure) posted prominently."

Well that sign does not work with people like the OP who don't know how to read so it is useless and pointless.


Blackdontcrack I have seen your review and your is another case of not having the rules bent for you as racist.


I agree with BigBruce, how dare they allow the pharmacist to take a break for a whole half hour. It is not like Walmart is required by law to give them breaks, oh wait a minute they are. What kind of monkey school did you graduate from. It is spelled "night" not "nite" . Dr should be Dr.

Maybe someone should deny the OP the right to a break, even if it is a two minute break to take a *** and see how she feels.

The reason that Walmart does not close the whole store because like many stores the pharmacy just rents the space from Walmart. So they go on their own schedule. Why not have your daughter to teach you to read so you can come when they are not on lunch break. Which by the way is required by law.

However if you are still upset about this you can find a way to contact MrLea01. Her husband works at home office. If she provides good sex she can have them fired. She already has bragged about giving him sexual favours to get her way.


The pharmacy at the Walmart where I live has a rather large sign with the hours of operation (including the lunch closure) posted prominently.


Wal-Mart is racist!!!!