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They offered our family a $500. gift card after She was horrendously ill for almost a week.

Needless to say my wife turned them down. There Pharmacy is a mess over

there, and now she can't even step foot In the doorway without an anxiety attack and that was after a month of no contact and trying to charge her again for the correct prescription.

They need to step up to the plate and do something right away before they have a real problem. I told them to give me procedures like what CVS Pharmacy does, but they blamed the Physician and then they said it was written down wrong after I asked to see the paper it was drafted on and saw that the Physician did not make a mistake, but they of course want this to go away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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So she has an anxiety attack whenever she steps in the door huh? So why does she continue to go there?

Seems to me that she should have read the scripts herself before she started taking them. I highly doubt that she took the meds for a week and was getting horrendously ill and waited a whole week before checking the medicine??? They offered you $500.00 but you didn't want that. .

This sounds like a case of you wanting to cash in big bucks and so you are going to exaggerate this incident to benefit your financial needs and wants. Why exactly does your wife have anxiety attacks??? They fixed the problem and offered you $500.00. Take it and leave it alone and quit trying to get rich off of other people.

She probably noticed the prescription was wrong before she even started taking them, you waited a week to report it to the pharmacist then claimed she was deathly ill the whole time and now she has these panic attacks every time she goes t Walmart.

Get a life! I don't believe your story and Im sure they don't either.




You are clearly a fool, medication errors are a very serious problem! Walmart sucks! :(


You can contact your doctor and notify them that he is being railroaded by Walmart. Better yet, get his DEA# and contact your local DEA office and speak with someone about this.

I can imagine that they can send someone to force them to pull the scripts. i hope you kept those pills. Sounds like a really good lawsuit in the making.

Hope she feels better. I know I would be royally pissed!


They offered a $50.00 gift card, what more do you expect. Just because a mistake was make on your script doesn't mean they make them on others. It is up to the customer to check what it says on the label.


500.00, not 50.00. The prescription was filled wrong with the correct dosage.

Aren't you a bitter person. :(


Someone could have died you *** retard. Even if they checked the bottle you POS, the pills inside the bottle were wrong.


someone missed their nap today


Good one. And you missed your heavy dose of lithium today:) You're still a retard.

Maybe you'll end up getting overdosed with the wrong drug. One can only hope.



ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program