Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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My Dr. told me I had Pneumonia and had a discount coupon for a prescription that the Walmart pharmacy takes.

When I get to Walmart to get my prescription they tell me they don't bother with my coupon we just printed about an hour earlier because they don't work all that great and don't make much difference anyway. So I had to pay about 25% more because they would not accept their discount coupon. The discount coupon was the reason I went to this Walmart closest to home when I have been going to another pharmacy in a grocery store in Sioux Falls. I called the phone number at and they told me that they had a contract with Walmart stores and they will honor my coupon but this was after I was home(out in the boonies) and would have to drive all the way back with my receipt and coupon to complain again to Walmart for jerking us around, again.

This Walmart store has been way off on things before.

I will shop elsewhere as there are other more honest businesses in town. I could have gone to some other pharmacy in Sioux Falls and got a better price on the exact same medicine without being jerked around having to make two trips to their ripoff store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Walmart will go out of business on their own when jerking people around so much with very low quality and customer service..

Walmart Cons: Braindead management and cheap employees.

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