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I went to walmart to fill a prescription because my wife had her wisdom tooth pulled. She was in extreme pain. Went in to get it filled but pharmacist said he couldn't because of some discrepancy in

the dr.s writing and marking of a box on the prescription. Isn't there any additional support from a pharmacy when this happens? BTW , when I go to this location all the pharmacist does is eat behind the counter while patients need help (on several occasions). What kind of service is

that? I also have had my dr. Send prescriptions and it's a sure thing that when i show up there always lying that they barely received it and i will have to wait 30 minutes. I spend a lot of $ @ walmart and now because of this last episode I we I'll NEVER go to that Walmart or at to any walmart again. This becomes an issue of customer service and retaining business which is something that has to be addressed. The Walmart I am talking about is in;

Imperial beach california on Saturn

(Don't go there because they don't care!)

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1048294

Why people go to WalMart to have their scripts filled is beyond me. At our two WalMarts, I see that they actually close the pharmacy down for lunch every day.

Best to go elsewhere.

For everything. Unless you enjoy being treated like dirt.

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