Today I went to walmart to refill my perscription, they told me 15 - 20 minutes, which is standard at any pharmacy. So after 1/2 hour, I went back, they told me it was not done yet.

So another 15 minutes pass and I go back, nope not done yet. Another 15 minutes, nope still not done, so I went to customer service and complained. I went back after another 15 minutes, still not done. Finally she filled it right in front of me.

Why LIE? it took over 1 hour to get an inhaler! I watched her take it out of the box and stick the label on it! Should it really have taken over 1 hour to do that.

I was frustrated and mad. I am no longer taking anything there. I don`t even like shopping there, I find the sales associates standing around talking amongst themselves instead of helping customers.

And I don`t find it the cheapest place to shop. They suck!

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What word did she spell wrong Em? If you are referring to "scrip" thing anyone over the age of seven would know she is just using the short form.


That is not a lie. That is just an estimated time and things happened out of their control.

Would you like it if someone accused you of being a liar if you could not live up to your part for a good reason which was beyond your control. Whatever medication you are taking it, you probably need another kind of medication, a chill pill.

To "mom" - if you are going to take the time to post a response being rude to the poster - who actually has a legitimate complaint here - take the time to spell your words right. It will make you look less ignorant. :grin

Waaaaaahhhhhhh. Do you also need a box of tissues with your scrip?


The service desk should have given you a bag big enough to go around your head for your aggravation.


Who the *** gets their prescriptions filled at WalMart? Lol.


WalMart is NOT a place to go to fill prescriptions if you value accuracy, promptness or courtesy. Go anywhere else.

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