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Well, it seems the rudeness to elderly people at the pharmacy counter is a trend across the country, when you read these posts... I watched as Marissa at the Tarpon Springs FL store took obvious pleasure in making my 73 year old mother wait, and wait, and wait, and wait before she would go to the refrigerator for her insulin.

I mean it. Marissa couldn't see me from where I stood off to the side, but she was getting off on her little power trip. ZERO sense of urgency while five other customers arrived behind my mom, ZERO people skills. Then, the "cashier" who had even less people skills kept the game going, asked my mom FOUR TIMES for her birth date.

Four... times... when my mom finally walked away from the counter, the cashier and Marissa were exchanging looks behind my mom's back that can only be construed one way by all who saw it: contempt for the customer. CONTEMPT.

If they aren't happy with their lives, they shouldn't be in the customer service game, PERIOD. Then we got in the car and realized they only filled the prescription for ONE bottle of insulin when there should have been three.

Horrible, horrible service, and we only use them because that's the only pharmacy in town who will use my moms insurance. They are the absolute worst!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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If you were a good daughter, you would have allowed your 73 year old mother to sit and wait while you stood in line for her instead of standing off to the side where they couldn't see you. I highly doubt the pharmacy associates were intentionally making your mother wait just for the fun of it, but it does seem that you were intentionally making you're mother stand unnecessarily just for something to complain about.


I'm soooo sure the employees were set on making YOUR POOR mother suffer. I'm so sure that as SOON as they saw her they smirked to themselves and thought "this is gonna be great!

We're totally gonna get this old bag!"

You sound so annoying. I bet your mother doesn't even like going shopping with you.


Thanks, Jeff. I was thinking the same thing.

If she didn't get all of them there must be a good reason. Every time I go to the pharmacy I have to wait, just like everyone else.


Customers like you amuse me the way you analyze every little thing. You are impatient and now think their all out to get you...lol.

Your mother is not the first person whose had to wait at the pharmacy and she won't be the last. The rest of your story sounds like a very impatient daughter who likes to exaggerate things...period!