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I went online at to purchase A bundle your phone for straight talk, and was not happy with the outcome. See I needed a phone and a card, so the deal they were offering was buy a service card and get a moterola for free, then it said check to seen if it works in your area, I did and it does.

But then when I got the phone turns out it dissent. I had already purchased A phone on eBay that dident work niether. Am so upset î can't even see straight and when I called all they could say is well when you shop online try clicking the option to pay in the store. Omg I am so sick of this place.I had an assotiate argue with me out load in front of everybody the other day about a clearance item, I was soimbarrased I walked right out.

The lady said "I just bought this same item the other day and I'm not giving it to you for that price" I couldent bieleve my ears, I just walked out so embarrassed. So I'm not happy with them at all right now.

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