I made an appointment from an offer sent to me on my email. I went to the studio of wall-mart with my family of five.

We sit down to get ready for our picture and the lady working there says "what are you doing here?" I replied, "we have an appointment and so she ignores us. We wait there for 30 minutes and she still ignored us. I told here that we had an appoint meant she said she is busy working with other customers, half an hour later I tell her we are leaving, she did not reply.

The pictures were very plain looking on the walls, the service was horrible and the worker was more then rude. I decided to find a more professional studio.

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Really really??? You are mad because someone said you had to wait your turn???

I understand you have 3 children HOWEVER would you like it if someone that had 5 children pushed threw and took your turn? They run on baby time. I'm sure when it is your time with the photographer you don't want them talking it up with other customers. Your turn is your turn.

The world does not revaulve around you! Also everyone can have a bad day, I am sure you are not sunshine and rainbows every day at your work. I bet you are not since you are bitter enough to post on the freaking internet about it!

There is always 2 sides to every story. I am sure you let out that you were rude to them as well and was standing there tapping your foot trying to bud into someone elses time, huh?


the photo store probably wanted to get an emotional shot of you with a more natural look on your face,,some times they get a little to involved with the cutomers and assume they know more about how you will look when your pissed or happy or emotional


"I have three children why the *** should I wait my turn."



Lady the Place your are complaining about is Called PictureMe Portrait studio and they only lease if your are going to complain about them go there page and do it.


The photo studio is not owned by walmart. It is picture me portrait studio.

They lease out space in walmart's. Your complaint should be with them.


I'm glad this place isn't affiliated with Walmart in any way and is just a company paying to locate their store inside a Walmart, otherwise I would be worried.

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