Keller, Texas

I went to Walmart Supercenter on Beach St. In Fort Worth on 12/24 and found out that despite posting signs and telling people they were closing at 8pm they decided they would close early.

There were a lot of disappointed people and security was at doors. One lady that just got off work got there at 7:30pm to pick up a layaway gift and she was told by a Mgr.

she could not get. Horrible customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This story isn't true. At least not your version of it.

Why? Because it doesn't make any sense. I'm using the Judge Judy logic which typically proves to be correct.

Why would they close before 8:00pm for no apparent reason? It doesn't make sense.

Therefore, it probably isn't true.

One last thing: that woman could not pick up her layaway gift on December 24 because all layaway items had to be paid off and picked up on or before December 15.

This is likely what happened:

It may have been 7:30 pm and the store made a reminder announcement that they were closing at 8:00 pm and that customers should make their selections quickly. People who knew good and well that the store was closing at 8:00 pm probably did not care.

Meanwhile, the layaway customer probably knew she must have the layaway picked up and paid for on or before December 15 but didn't care. Or she genuinely didn't know because she didn't read the layaway policy.

It is also possible that she was picking up a Site-to-store order that hadn't come yet but wanted to try and pull a fast one. One thing is for certain: this woman didn't follow the layaway agreement by paying it off and picking it up on or before December 15.


First of all, layaway ended on the 15th, so that lady's order was probably already canceled and not available anyway. Second, the store closed at 8, which means all customers out of the store by then, not come in 30 minutes before and do two hours worth of shopping.

I also doubt that it was 7:30. 7:45, 7:50, maybe. It's the one day of the year that the store closes early.

Get over it and next year do your shopping ahead of time. You have 364 days to plan.


I can see with your attitude that your family does not want you around for the holidays, however these people have a right to spend time with their families.