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When you say pick up today for an online purchase, it should really be available to be picked up today!You tell me now that I have to wait tomorrow when the store is open 24 hours?!!

At least inform the customers before they make a purchase that 'pick up today' has exemptions!!!! I am very disappointed. This is not good business. Please update your online store or your customers will not be happy!

If the store I ask to get the item picked up is 24 hours then It is fair to assume that the item will be there when I can come and get it as soon as I want.

What is the limiting factor here?if the item is available on the shelf then why can i not use my order number to pick it up a few minutes after i purchase it online?

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #992310
All you have to do is read idiots it's a website what website doesn't have issues? I know people that work for Walmart and are good employees and i constantly see rude customers. They expect the employees to bend over backwards when the problem is management. And which the in stock isn't correct do as the person said call and check if you can't reach them then take a trip.
to Anonymous #1259810
Let me explain what you said in comparison to my *** customer service job. ..let's see if you see the problem.. aND don't stress to much because I will also explain in detail what customer service is.
Okay so my job is customer service as well.. I am an adult babysitter...better known as a bartender. Well see my job deals with customers who can be sweet but quickly turn aggressive because. ..seriously who knows sometimes.
Basically your version of customer versus employee would be me standing behind a bar serving nothing. ..because management messed up aND forgot to order rum...not all rum. Just that one rum this customer wants. So yeah we got no special rum and even though I got other rum I just say nope cant help you. ..we don't have oh dear the nerve of this customer. .he actually still needs help. .wtf.. ..
sorry but I have my job because customers need a person to serve them for one. ..but to my surprise there is way way more to bartending! See I actually went above reading bartender for dummies...(yeah I know. . Walmart customer service needs a book like that for sure..first lesson. cant please everyone but here are skills to help you in all situations) and actually studied, researched and perfected mixology. ..
Then i learned that there is even more to learn! LIKE knowing when to serve ...and the tricky part to stop serving them with out causing temper tantrums/crying, along with offering that "omg your so
... Show more
What if the store is 30 miles away (and like many, many instances in many Walmart stores) I don't feel like driving an hour total, for something that may/may not be there? is that lazy?
to dmlaughlin76 Orange, California, United States #982299
Like the OP and many others you do not know how to read. It clearly states before 5pm. You see kid you are too young to know how the business world works. Most jobs start at 9am and end at 5pm. Next time you and some of the others order something get a parent to read things for you since many of the big words are too hard to read and you will see that if you order after 5pm than the item arrives. If you are old enough to drive it is a shame you do not know how to read.
to dmlaughlin76 Orange, California, United States #982300
Also if you had a brain you would know to call before you arrive to the store. You are too lazy to make a simple five minute call, or perhaps you are too dumb to figure this out.
Yeah, what the ***? I wanted a chair that the web site says is online available to pick up today. I go to check out to get the item, or to assure that i recieve the item...and it says not until May 15th? Can i please get a straight answer from anyone? Probably not.
They did the same to me. Prepare for it to get worse. They told me to wait up to 6 days, then told me no it would be there on the 26th. They just want your money. Be prepared for disappointment.
The reason that it has exceptions is because someone has to actually go pick it off the shelf. It doesnt just magically appear at the desk you pick it up at. If you want it as soon as you order it then just get off your lazy butt and go get it at the store. Not that difficult.
to Anonymous Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #941012
Sometime (a lot of the time actually) the same item is cheaper online with in-store pickup. It's not a lazy thing. Online ordering is advertised as convenient and easy. Most of the time it is not. Quit being a troll and add something useful or be quiet.
to Troll-killa #977830
However, Walmart price matches themselves with their online pricing. So it is a lazy thing.

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