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When you say pick up today for an online purchase, it should really be available to be picked up today! You tell me now that I have to wait tomorrow when the store is open 24 hours?!!

At least inform the customers before they make a purchase that 'pick up today' has exemptions!!!! I am very disappointed. This is not good business. Please update your online store or your customers will not be happy!

If the store I ask to get the item picked up is 24 hours then It is fair to assume that the item will be there when I can come and get it as soon as I want.

What is the limiting factor here? if the item is available on the shelf then why can i not use my order number to pick it up a few minutes after i purchase it online?

Monetary Loss: $203.

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Though the store is open 24hrs, the layaway/online pickup dept. is only opened until 9pm...(I just called to question them about the process BEFORE paying online and no one could even answer my questions because it was 9:25) After 9, apparently no one is qualified to handle that dept.

Seems your issue is the site. They should be clearer about pickup times. Maybe this has changed since your issue, but I noticed that when checking out, my cart stated my items would be available tomorrow.

However, before adding to my cart, both items said "today".

I am just going to take my chances and hope both items are on the shelves, rather than pay and not be able to pickup up right away.


Who are the people in this thread sucking walmart ***. I'm not lazy, this service sucks.

They out and out lied to me. So I repeat, this service sucks.


Because is only one till 9. You didn't lose any money stop being salty because you didn't read all the print that it clearly says when you order it.


Walmart electronics employees are dumb, ignorant, and extremely lazy, period. God knows I'm right, but just to be fair, and for probability purposes I would assume that at most the 5% of those employees in the whole country, and I may be exaggerating, are the opposite of either of those adjectives I mentioned before.


I bet they know more than you.


Had the same thing. Order confirmation said it would be able to pick up at 2 PM.

Then I received an email saying it was delayed. But it didn't say why. After numerous calls and emails they told me it takes 48 hours to verify my payment information. Heck I'll walk into the store and pay cash if that's the hold up but they don't seem too accommodating.

Why not have customers pay at the pick up counter like a regular store transaction? Those don't take 48 hours--at least I'm pretty sure you can walk in and buy something at the store with the same credit card and have it transact within seconds. Seems like it would save a lot of hassle. Or just say in store pick up is within 48 hours and not the same day.

I just don't like being lied to and given the run around. I don't normally shop at Walmart and this verifies that decision. I called Best Buy to see if they could price match but they don't carry the product.

Store pick up there isn't a 48 day turn around--or anywhere else I've done it for that matter. What a joke!


All you have to do is read idiots it's a website what website doesn't have issues? I know people that work for Walmart and are good employees and i constantly see rude customers.

They expect the employees to bend over backwards when the problem is management. And which the in stock isn't correct do as the person said call and check if you can't reach them then take a trip.



Let me explain what you said in comparison to my *** customer service job.

..let's see if you see the problem.. aND don't stress to much because I will also explain in detail what customer service is.

Okay so my job is customer service as well.. I am an adult babysitter...better known as a bartender.

Well see my job deals with customers who can be sweet but quickly turn aggressive because. ..seriously who knows sometimes.

Basically your version of customer versus employee would be me standing behind a bar serving nothing. ..because management messed up aND forgot to order rum...not all rum.

Just that one rum this customer wants. So yeah we got no special rum and even though I got other rum I just say nope cant help you. ..we don't have oh dear the nerve of this customer. .he actually still needs help.

.wtf.. ..

sorry but I have my job because customers need a person to serve them for one. ..but to my surprise there is way way more to bartending! See I actually went above reading bartender for dummies...(yeah I know.

. Walmart customer service needs a book like that for sure..first lesson. cant please everyone but here are skills to help you in all situations) and actually studied, researched and perfected mixology. ..

Then i learned that there is even more to learn!

LIKE knowing when to serve ...and the tricky part to stop serving them with out causing temper tantrums/crying, along with offering that "omg your so understanding, intuitive, aND get me advice. Mind you I have other little drunk adults to serve as well....yep the other trick is making each of them feel they have your 100% attention and have fun interactions with the other people ..yep I even have to set them up with proper play groups that will get along. I know Wray everyone is drinking. ..I Remember my customers (ha I rembered the customers when I worked at walmart...who I also later served in the bar I work now) I must just be a natural!

See... I know people that work, not just at Walmart, but all types of businesses and your comment makes me believe your talking about your self because most people could care less about their friends *** job when they have their own to deal with. ...and if the situations being complained about upset you so much, I question of you are more upset with yourself for realizing you didn't put full effort into your job. Hey guess what.

...customer service is a job that guarantees interactions with all type's of customers. Fun, sweet, angry, scarey, complaining, needy, and we'll some we just can't quite figure out but they are interesting no matter! The reason someone, as the "customer service employee" is expected to deal with this. because those customers spend money, that in turn actually created the demand for "customer service employee"...

wow, crazy how that works ...right. So the problem in my opinion, is that these employees didn't either fully understand the job description and failed to research or simply ask for clarification whey applying. Notice how this is still Noone else's fault and really tends to become a" oh you poor baby""you just realizing not all aspects of work are fun" whiney thing. ..when you look at the bigger picture.

Take this further it is also the fault of said employee for not "studying" their job. ..more or so. ..learn about the products aND services of the entire company. when a customer asks you something.

. You can actually do your job by offering assistance to them. ..see customer service. ..the customer receives service...oh how cool is that.

Guess what can happen for those that actually go above and beyond to assist customers. actually seeking solutions, talking with management versus blaming. ..and yes at times going above management. ensure they can satisfy customers.

...oh my. They get this thing called promotion aND raises. See. You start low and miserable.

.learn things, learn more. ..move up. .and earn higher pay. At least mostly or you leave to another compaNY that pays better.

.but only because you took the time to actually do the job you were hired to do. One thing people seem to forget is that all joba require specific skillsets. Customer service isn't for everyone, it is not easy, and actually requires the ability to not only deal with people, but be good at understanding people! It is often the starter or learning job.

Seriously ...look at how far one could go if they just learn and actually start doing versus blaming. For those who hate customers.

..well they have other jobs. ..still it isn't easy either and the sAme strategy of learning more applies.


What if the store is 30 miles away (and like many, many instances in many Walmart stores) I don't feel like driving an hour total, for something that may/may not be there? is that lazy?


Like the OP and many others you do not know how to read. It clearly states before 5pm.

You see kid you are too young to know how the business world works. Most jobs start at 9am and end at 5pm.

Next time you and some of the others order something get a parent to read things for you since many of the big words are too hard to read and you will see that if you order after 5pm than the item arrives. If you are old enough to drive it is a shame you do not know how to read.


Also if you had a brain you would know to call before you arrive to the store. You are too lazy to make a simple five minute call, or perhaps you are too dumb to figure this out.


Yeah, what the ***? I wanted a chair that the web site says is online available to pick up today.

I go to check out to get the item, or to assure that i recieve the item...and it says not until May 15th?

Can i please get a straight answer from anyone? Probably not.


They did the same to me. Prepare for it to get worse.

They told me to wait up to 6 days, then told me no it would be there on the 26th.

They just want your money. Be prepared for disappointment.


The reason that it has exceptions is because someone has to actually go pick it off the shelf. It doesnt just magically appear at the desk you pick it up at.

If you want it as soon as you order it then just get off your lazy butt and go get it at the store. Not that difficult.


Sometime (a lot of the time actually) the same item is cheaper online with in-store pickup. It's not a lazy thing.

Online ordering is advertised as convenient and easy.

Most of the time it is not. Quit being a troll and add something useful or be quiet.


However, Walmart price matches themselves with their online pricing. So it is a lazy thing.


NO, IT'S NOT A LAZY THING, are you really this ***? So, then why, when i went to a Walmart just last week, and said the same thing you just wrote, the guy said, "Well, its an online only deal" that's what it's there for" - and i could not buy the item, because i did not "PURCHASE IT ONLINE" -


wat a stewpteedoo


Why are you "anonymous" you have hide behind that. It seems you're the only one sticking up for one of the worst companies in America.

EVERYONE-watch the documentary-Walmart; The High Cost of Low Pricing.

- Usually I would not even resort to this behavior and try to stay away as far as possible from Walmart, but in the instance, they have something for my nephew. No one else in a 50 mile radius has it...or else i would rather give them twice the money I would give Walmart, and go get it.


dmlaughlin is not your real name, so it is no better than using anonymous. Get over yourself.