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When you say pick up today for an online purchase, it should really be available to be picked up today! You tell me now that I have to wait tomorrow when the store is open 24 hours?!!

At least inform the customers before they make a purchase that 'pick up today' has exemptions!!!! I am very disappointed. This is not good business. Please update your online store or your customers will not be happy!

If the store I ask to get the item picked up is 24 hours then It is fair to assume that the item will be there when I can come and get it as soon as I want.

What is the limiting factor here? if the item is available on the shelf then why can i not use my order number to pick it up a few minutes after i purchase it online?

Monetary Loss: $203.

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I had the same problem today. I ordered a dvd online.

The website said it was avaiable for pick up today at (local) Walmart. Went to pick it up later this evening and was told it was not there. My husband then found the item on the shelf, but was told it had to come from a different department and have our name tagged on it and the person who does that was gone for the day. He got home and within an hour we received an email from saying my order was cancelled and my money was refunded because the item was not in stock at (local) Walmart.

WHAT?!?!? He was just there and saw the dvd's there on the shelf!!!!!

@Very Dissatisfied Customer

If the DVD was there in the shop why did your "husband" not buy it from there. Why go online. I have a feeling that the "husband" is really you and that you were under 17 trying to get an adult movie.


Makes me mad just reading this lol. I ordered a game this morning online just because it was $20 cheaper, and I know they were fully stocked in the store doesn't make any sense why you can't just pick it up.

I've so far been waiting 6 hours and haven't gotten a text or email. If I have to wait till tomorrow or whenever I'm gonna be pissed, what a waste of my day.


If all you have to do with your day is sit around and wait for a game you must have a pretty sad life. Im so sorry for you. Lol


I noticed the same scam. It went from available today before I clicked buy.

After click it was now tomorrow since after six. Then a few minutes later after they had secured the fraudulent sale it was f u your order will.

Be in in a week. I felt like I just took a proverbial rough cut 2x4 with no lube.....


Someone doesn't know how to read the print they put on the site when you order. They say orders placed after 5 or 6PM will be available next day.

Plus if the item is already at the store... Then get your lazy *** up and go to the store and get it if it's so important to you. Why make a site to store purchase if it's already at the store on a shelf?

You have to go to the store and go to the site-to-store counter to pick it up anyway.

People are lazy these days.


Nonone your a dumba$$. Don't you see the obvious?

It's a whole lot cheaper to buy offline.

So Id rather be "lazy" than be a dumba$$ and pay full price. So you just keep getting your perked up self to a store and make the Walton family more wealthy.




Why would you make a comment about them making the Walton family richer like they're dumb for doing that when you're shopping there too. Lmfao I think you should use more logic.


Because it's cheaper.


I think the reason is mommy or daddy was not there to read that part for the child who wrote this complaint. Mommy or daddy needed to read the exception for this little child because clearly they are illiterate.


If you get your lazy *** up and go buy it at the store it's higher than the price online. That's why! Saved $100 on a swimming pool that way!


A swimming pool from Wally World. Can you say ghetto.


The online pick up price is sometimes less than in store and Walmart will not match their own website in the store.


Because it is cheaper online!!!!! And they won't sell it to you in the store for the same price!!!

If they can't fulfill their promise that you can "pickup as soon as today", they shouldn't offer it! My order said available for pick up after 3:50 TODAY.

It was going on 7:00 pm when we went to pick it up!! Still wasn't available for pickup, even though the same item was sitting on the store shelf!


Items ordered after 6 pm will be available for pickup the next day.


Even though the policy that Walmart does not price match their website, at the Walmart I work at, management has instructed us to match any price on our website as long as the item on the website is the EXACT same item that is in the store. Their reasoning for this is because they would rather make a smaller profit on said item than no profit at all, because when an item is reserved for a customer via Pick Up Today after they pay for it and they pick it up, the store only gets a credit for what they paid for it rather than making a profit on it, that, and it makes customers happy.


I saw the game I wanted online for 38.03. Shipping said "pick up today".

I did not order online but instead went to store to just buy it, duh. It was $49.95 for same game, in stock. Was told they could not honor online price of $38.03. Price difference of $11.92.

That's huge. Ordered game online to ship to site for $38.03. Manager stated that website says prices vary in-store and this is why he can't honor online pricing. WTH?!

It should be very specific about pricing, how much prices may vary, that online pricing is not honored in-store and what it means to pick up "today" because I agree, it's misleading in many ways.


if it is in stock then just go down and buy it, duh. Seems simple enough and would have saved you a lot of pointless aggravation. :p

@u dumb

What the *** are you guys not *** understanding its is cheaper to buy it online and then still going to the store and picking it up the person that says get off your lazy *** is *** retarded and a dumba$$ I went to the store for a game it was $60.00 and the online price was $40.00 thats a savings of $20.00 so thats why I did a pickup from the store by the way I am 25 so if any of you want to say that I could not buy it is a dumba$$ too.