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When you say pick up today for an online purchase, it should really be available to be picked up today! You tell me now that I have to wait tomorrow when the store is open 24 hours?!!

At least inform the customers before they make a purchase that 'pick up today' has exemptions!!!! I am very disappointed. This is not good business. Please update your online store or your customers will not be happy!

If the store I ask to get the item picked up is 24 hours then It is fair to assume that the item will be there when I can come and get it as soon as I want.

What is the limiting factor here? if the item is available on the shelf then why can i not use my order number to pick it up a few minutes after i purchase it online?

Monetary Loss: $203.

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It's frequently faster to just go get it in store, since they never have anyone in their departments and I've waited thirty minutes before just to get someone to acknowledge me, and longer for someone who knew how to get the item out of the back to get it for me.

Further, if you think you are getting someone else to do your shopping, what do you think Walmart does? They use this program to sell all the stuff in torn / ripped boxes to people who have already paid for it without seeing it. Ordering Pu2D will get you the worst item possible for the money so that Walmart moves the 'good' items to people who actually spend time in the store and buy more.

I always end up with the 'dent' merchandise and have to waste more time doing an exchange in the service desk lines than anything since they won't just direct swap it.


At my store, we just pull the merchandise from the shelf, pulling a Pick Up Today order at my store is usually my job, and I try to choose the best conditioned item I can, and, the customer has the right to refuse the pickup and I can have a refund issued to their card or give them a cash refund right at the Site to Store counter, or, simply go over to the shelf and pull another one if they want to exchange the exact same item.

@Pick up Today ***ociate

Oh and on another note, if a box looks questionable to me, I usually open the box for the customer (with their permission) and have them inspect the contents before signing for it.


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If you do it through Bill Me Later you can't get it through the store you have to do it online... Mine just got delayed too!! :(


The other issue with "pick up today"....... When an order is placed online for site-to-store, part of the order is magically morphed into "pick up today" if the items are available in the store, while the rest can be shipped in multiple packages with multiple delivery dates.

It sucks!

& to the some of the more narrow minded- shopping online for several things, checking out all the options/colors/prices, etc. is much easier than dragging little kids all over Walmart for hours.

That's why some of us do it... "Duh"

@B F

I have used pick up today at Best Buy before - awesome for gift 'delivery'! The item is miraculously available for my recipient (family) to pick up at their convenience! sounds lame, my not 'sending it', but my family has responded with glee that they get a 'your package is ready' notice and have an opportunity to take advantage of the local store policies for defects/exchanges.

This time, my niece is bedridden with a serious injury: she has borrowed a friends tablet to keep busy. At 18, she needs some busy!! i owed her a birthday and Christmas gift, so decided to get her an ipad. I talked to her about it while I placed my order, to be sure of her color, etc. She is 2 hours from me or I would just give it myself - but wanted her to receive it ASAP, not wait for my next visit.

Long story, short - my transaction suspended and I knew to call my bank and lift the fraud alert on this purchase. I had timed out, so redid the purchase order. Then, with the bank on the line with me, it went through brilliantly and I received my email confirmation, which I forwarded to the family member who is doing the pick up (which Walmart allows, if the name is provided and they present the order number and ID).

So WHY oh WHY is Walmart delaying my order for 48 hours? This is absurd for them to imply a verification process!! I did the verifying with my bank. If this cannot be picked up by 10:00 am today, I will cancel my order and use the Best Buy 'Pick Up Today' service for out of town 'gift pick ups'. And, walmart will be off my list of retailer options for a LONG time!

@B F

I work at a Walmart store and pulling Pick Up Today orders off the shelves is usually my job. There will be times when there are several random items that are in various locations throughout the store that I have to pull, and I don't mind doing it, often, the person is just pressed for time and would rather expedite buying the things they need by just paying online and going to the store and picking them up, and I have no problem doing it, after all, it is my job, I'm paid to do it.


well at least you're mature about it unlike some of the other stubborn babies on this site. but mistakes happen and sometimes orders get delayed. I'd say just as long as the item wasn't destroyed then it shouldn't be a huge deal.


i wanted to try out their pick-up today service. Unfortunately I got an email saying my order was delayed and I was not able to pick up the item on the same day.

This was my complaint.

BOTTOM LINE: I am not going to use the pick up today service.

it does not make sense for me because I have the time to walk around the store. you guys are right I should just have gone to the store and bought it.


maybe it was just a mistake..? was it really so important that you needed it that day?


I work as the Site to Store Associate, and if a customer makes an order after 6 pm, it usually won't be available for pickup until the next day and this is explained on our website. The reason being that the Photo/Site to Store counter closes at 9 pm and it usually takes 4 hours for us (the store) to even get notified about the order on our handheld systems.


If you're going into the store to pick up the item, why don't you just go into the store and buy it? Duh.


Yes that is the two likely reasons.the devil is in the fine print that PIck UpToday is not available 24/7 even in 24/7 stores.Most stores are also very to extremely short staffed anymore & it could be no associate was scheduled at that day or time or may have called off.Many stores cross train associates from various departments to ensure that doesn't happen but it still can occur.another possibility is that the on hands were off & the store actually didn't have the product or it was not correctly binned in the backroom&could not be could then take up to 24 hours for the product to either come in via warehouse,from another store or for an ims associate or manager to have the time to go thru the bins & locate it.basically,it all comes down to a too few associates trying to do too many tasks with too few hours to spare& sadly,customer service suffers.



I got it. pick-up today program is a separate entity from the store itself so I understand that they have different hours of operation. thanks for the update.


You have to train people to operate the Pick-Up-Today program. This responsibility is with the electronics associates, who ARE NOT staffed 24 hours a day. If you need the item so bad, why don't you just get it yourself??!??