Dothan, Alabama

Placed an order on with the option to pick up the item in the store. I ordered before 6 p.m. and it said the item would be available for pick-up in 4 hours. Received my confirmation email. An hour later I received a text and an email that said my order was delayed...

"Thanks for shopping on We received your order request and are verifying your payment and other order information. This verification is routine and done to assure the safety of your financial information.

Your order will be processed when this verification is complete. Please expect another

email from us within 48 hours containing the updated information and approximate pickup

time for your order."

Are you kidding? The only reason I ordered online with in store pick up was because 1) it's cheaper to purchase it online vs the store and 2) to pick it up within 4 hours of ordering. Now they delayed the order, customer service said most likely the order will be released within 24 hours. I only had transportation for 24 hours...if I can't pick up my order I will need to have the item shipped creating further delays. This is unheard of...not to mention false advertising. And besides the fact that no where during the order process does this say that this could be a possibility. Buyer beware!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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#1441120 is more of a hassle than its worth. I ordered a cell phone and soon got a 'order delayed' email.

...i just cancelled it out. Amazon is LIGHT YEARS ahead of as far as this goes and theres just no reason for that in this day and age....


The same thing happened to me! And it’s 2 days before Christmas!

I had my credit card company call them and have a 3 way conversation trying to speed up the order verifying process and they said they would resolve the problem yet my order still has yet to update and I placed my order 20 hours ago... So much for 4 hours or less!


I know the same thing happened to me. It would be more than reasonable to explain the delay to their customers beforehand.

I would have just gone to the store and paid for the item and picked it up when I had transportation to do so. Now, since they are verifying the order, for who knows how long, I am inconvenienced with the delay.

Doesn't make sense to me!


same problem here- all that for a 10.99 item which I am going to buy elsewhere and then when Wally says OK I will pick it up and walk to the "returns" counter and return it. I have already sent 4 emails to the Walton kids


I had the same problem is *** I will go some where else next time


I had the same issue, I bought a bed planning to move into my apartment, rented a truck and everything and made sure the bed would be there the day before i moved incase something happens and I got a delayed message, like seriously! now I have to sleep on the ground and I have to rerent a moving truck.

Incredibly annoyed. Going to try to get my money back.


You all are not alone,

Today I ordered NFS Hot Pursuit, got the same email...a few hours after that, the order was cancelled because they said the item was not available at the store....Luckily, the refund was instant, and the funds posted back to my account.

I changed locations to another a few miles away, got the same I am waiting on the cancellation email.....if this happens...just going to pay the $1.97 for shipping, and have it shipped from a warehouse, I just hop the sale price doesn't go away, or I am going to be pissed.


Oh my goodness! Prime example of stupidity.

I suppose ppl just don't realize how much fraud happens on a daily basis...What world do you live in?

They require the additional time to verify that you did make the purchase. If they had immediately released the order to the store and it was would be complaining about that...

@Pick Up Today

Then they shouldn't advertise same day pick up...false advertising, duh.


No kidding, how *** for someone to chime in that doesn't get what same day pick up means?? They are the idiots!! Walmart needs to post a notice letting consumers know this delay will happen and therefore same day is NOT available!!

@Pick Up Today

......So when you order from Amazon or basically anywhere else why dont you get an 'order delayed' email ?!! Nuff said

@Pick Up Today

And what prevents someone from skipping the online gauntlet and just commiting the "fraud" in person? Your argument isn't as foolproof as you think, fool.


I am getting the same problem. I ordered it at 10AM still no responce


Boo who who! If there was a problem with your payment, it's your bank's fault.

Also, is it Wal-Mart's fault that you won't have a car tomorrow?

Also, it states right on Wal-Mart's website that orders placed after **6pm** will be ready the next day. You really are a piece of work.


Hey meathead, if you could read you would have seen that in his first sentence he said he ordered BEFORE 6.


You dumb ***, did you really read his post ?. He said ordered before 6 p.m.

"Placed an order on with the option to pick up the item in the store.

I ordered before 6 p.m. "+