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There's so many associates and staff wondering around, but no one to help customers needs! This is a trillion dollar company why can't US customers be treated with outstanding customer service. I needed 12 pictures printed and I seen them print and this man said I have to wait an hour maybe the person in photos is on lunch and he couldn't assist me or get someone to help.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Because more customers want to save money than those who care about customer service. In order to keep costs low Walmart hires the minimum staff which means some departments may have very little/no staff.

Also to keep costs low Walmart pays minimum wage. You get what you pay for.


Well if no one is able to use the machines to print the pictures than unfortunately you have to wait. The person working at the photo place is not a robot they are just like you.

They have to eat as well. If they hired more people they would have to pay them, that means your parents would have to pay more for household items and less on food.

Also take a parent shopping with you since you are shy. If you see people walking around why not get mommy or daddy to approach them since you are unable to do so.