North York, Ontario
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Hi i went to your store in ogdensburg ny yesterday at6.54 pm and went to self scan checkout a lafy wss helping me and checking my items u was ivercharged for 3 items yoga pad $7.00 :cherry pie 0.50 and 1 coloring book $4.43

I called store was told i have to go back to that location

Isnt there another way of resolving problem?

I live in Toronto please let me know how it can be resolves

Bar code of my receipt is


Manager of stire at 3000 ford Street Ext

STEVEN Simpson

My id for purchase is7JZ813QN7S3

Thank you

Grace Awang 4168957508

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I called assistant manager as manager had gone fir day he said I would get refund the next time I amin that particular store I was scanning on self serve line associate came and rescan bed items the realized they were scanned but did not could 3 items so I was overcharged about $12 the items I listed on my complaint is thete a way to get company to solve it without me going back thete it is long drive