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I was at walmart two days ago to get my fourth hole pierced. The lady had a broken finger so i was a bit skeptical.

She then marked my ears and i did not like the placing due to how close to my third hole they are and she then said oh there is already *** there and she didnt move the dot to a different location.

Onone ear the location was a little off from where the dot was but the second ear she completely missed the dot and the ring is barely in my ear. If i brought my receipt to walmart would they somehow fix this problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Piercing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I wouldn't have thought any of those earrings were too close to each other unless told. In fact it looks more like the third hole is the one that is not placed right, and the top hole, is NOT barely in the ear!!!

That third hole should have been a little bit closer to the edge of the ear to follow the shape of the ear.

I really don't see much of an issue with that forth hole. Maybe it would have been easier to see if both ear pictures were posted and all the earrings were the same size.


I added a photo of the one that was barely in my ear. I can literally feel the earring on the outside of my ear but this was from 2 years ago.


I had no idea Walmart even offered this service. Not sure I would trust them to put *** in my body. If you really want it done, spend the money and go to a real piercer and I don't mean a mall kiosk.


I think of you are dissatisfied with a placement you have 24 hours to let them know, and they will refund your money, or repierce. (It's been a while since I had my unfortunate experience there, so it may have changed.) How this helps!

Oh, and don't mind the old fogies on here that don't like multiple piercings.

It's none of their business. (I have five in one ear and ten in the other.)


Thank you for this! Helped but its been like 4 days now so not much i cando about it!


stop making holes :), you have enough already :)


I love my piercings


Do they not have a mall where you live so you can be an angsty and misunderstood instead of going to a Wal-Mart to get your ears pierced? It is a lot easier to forget all the bad choices you made when you were younger when those choices aren't causing your ears to droop at 60.


How in the world do you think they will "fix" it? If you don't like it, take the earring out ASAP and let the hole close.

Ask Walmart for a refund. Consider not getting any additional piercings in your poor little ear.


Well by fix it i meant repierce it while i was there or something or just get a refund!