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i am extremely unhappy about the services i received at walmart in regards to the black friday sales. this was my first black friday outing and they made it a horrible one.

i was interested in several electronics items and i was unsure about whether or not the items i was interested in were going to require getting there early enough for a ticket or wristband which i had heard some store do. so i called the walmart store i was going to be shopping at and asked if the 32" emerson tv that was on sale for $198 would require me to get there earlier than i had planned for ticket purposes. I was told NO, they only do that for the bigger sales.

so i waited until 3AM to arrive at the store only to be told that those tvs were already sold out and i had needed at ticket!!!! ok so many people arrived many hours earlier than i had and the tvs were all spoken for. this was not my reason for being upset.

i was upset because i was told that i didnt need to get there early enough for a ticket. so i found a manager to complain to despite knowing that there was NOTHING he was gonna do for me but i wanted my complaint heard! he tells me i didnt need a ticket but to look for another manager who might help me.

so 2 managers later and 5 other employees later, i had been run around in circles and told 5 different things by 5 different people. walmart needs to get their *** together and get their employees including their managers on the same page.

i spend thousands of dollars in that store and was gonna spend another couple thousand that day but left there having spent nothing because of the idiots that ran me around in circles due to the fact that they were clueless. they have all year to prepare for that ONE DAY and that cant even do that right

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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