Woodstock, Ontario
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Bought a playstation 4 on a Friday and took it home and it didn't work. Thought to was the controller so I exchanged mine for another one and found out it didn't work either.

Found out that there is a problem between the system and controller.

Tried to return it only to find that they sold me a system where the serial numbers don't match. So now I'm out $485 and neither Walmart or Sony can help me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sounds to me like someone scammed WalMart by returning a hacked system (probably banned or destroyed), for a good one. This is probably what they will state.

Never Ever, accept a product like that when the seal is broken.

There probably isn't anything you can do, unfortunately.

May be best to spend a little cash to repair it, instead of loosing what you put into it. I have no idea.