I was attacked by a mother and daughter from the mean streets of the 510 i attempted to walk away only to also be attacked by some staff who claim they can have me banned when I am innocent all i want is to run errands by my home and not feel threatened by a staff member as was the case on Monday i told him he isn't above the law and his job is to run the store and nit police people! I have nothing on paper I've never committed a crime ever in of all places walmart the idiot who does this to me needs to do his job otherwise I will be hospitalized due to panic attacks aided by a traumatic brain injury help me)))))

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Ohhhhh, wow. Painful to read - for the lack of punctuation. It's like reading a thought in a dream.


Yeah, I agree with others here. You have a lot of run-on sentences that don't make any real point what-so-ever. You need to articulate the actual problem and events as concisely as possible.


I don't understand...what exactly did you do in Walmart to cause a disruption?

If you don't feel safe going there then don't. Pretty simple.


Wall of text that I cannot read nor understand.

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