Fire these two employees they are a customer service nightmare. Wal-mart where do you find these retards?

It has got to the point I don't trust your employees. I have written two complaints about the Cranston, RI Wal-mart. I am glad you have a new manager from other parts of the United States.

Now fire Monica at the Cranston, RI and these two idiots in Washington State. It is time for Wal-Mart employees to learn that they have a job that they have no authority over what customers do with their money and get better managers who know how to train people so you do not anymore videos of idiots embarrassing themselves or harassing customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wilton, Connecticut, United States #1271303

I am by no means a fan of Walmart, but please do not misuse the word "retard". It is disrespectful to those who are developmentally disabled.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1266243

First...do you have their permission to post this?

Second...people file lawsuits constantly regarding alcohol.

The person who sold it is almost always left holding the blame even if they don't deserve it. So these two being extraordinarily careful regarding alcohol and a minor makes complete sense.

You sound like a spoiled child who is mad because they got their hand slapped.

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1266347

Your response reminds me of a lady that I talked to months ago. She was fired because she sold alcohol to a minor.

I don't remember how they went down. As for this lady, maybe she has seen something happen. Something really bad and it was traced back to the cashier.

Who knows. But it isn't this guys job that is on the line, so of course he doesn't care.

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1265699

Why don't you tell all of this to someone that has been fired because they sold alcohol to someone and something bad has been traced back to them?

Fullerton, California, United States #1264849

You do realize that you cannot post pictures of people online without their permission. Also you seem to have a lot of issues with Walmart and Save a lot. Were you fired?

to MakeMyDay2016 #1268711

Talk to the person who videoed and put it on youtube. If it is on youtube it can used.

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1268770

IF they had the permission to post it on YouTube.


I mean...if Walmart's policy it's not the cashier's OR the manager's fault. They don't get the opportunity to sit in on those corporate board meetings, they don't just sit around at each store making up whatever *** they want, I'm willing to bet they didn't even get early notice before the policy change was implemented. If you want to be mad at somebody be mad at the people that get to make those decisions not the people trying to keep their jobs so they can feed their kids that night.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1263858

You seem incredily sad and P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Grow up.

to offconsumerpissed Fullerton, California, United States #1264026

I agree, and I wonder if this person got fired from Walmart and Save a lot. They have a lot of complaints for those ratailers.

to MakeMyDay2016 Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #1269462

I used to like both companies now I rarely patronize them if they have something on sale and it appears they show it was handled correctly.

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