Weslaco, Texas

In October of 09' my mom 75 yrs old purchased a car battery in walmart in Laredo tx. two months later the battery went bad.

Not wanting to deal with the hassle of no transportation to do the exhange, she called her mechanic and had him purchase another one from the local auto parts store. She held on to the car battery purchased at wallmart for aproximately 7 months later till I came and visit her in Laredo, by the way I live in San Antonio, Tx. I then took it to the store for testing and was told the battery was no good, this happened in July of this year. At the time we did the exchange without a reciept and we even did an upgrade on the unit.

A month later the new battery went bad, I told my mother that to go back to the store to test the battery. She went and she spend 4 hours for testing and finally was told that the battery was no good that it was going to be replaced, the problem came when she needed a recipt and she did not have one. Due to her age she forgot where she placed it at. She left home crying because during the whole time she was there she saw how other customers were treated in a good way and they were not kept there for a long time and she waited all this time to not get not even a replacement for her bad battery.When she called me I told her not to worry that I was going to solve the problem.

I complained to their corporate customer service and made them aware of the situation. Five days later I got a phone call from a representative from that location in Lareo, she simpathyzed with me and told me she was going to find out on their end what happened and she would call me back. Never I got a follow up call. Just last week I was on vacations and went to visit mom, got the bad battery and took it to the same place they just refused to replace it because they wanted a receipt tha I could not produce.

I came to a dead end at that store. I event went as far as explaining my problem to the store general manager and he said he will review the transactions on the date and time frame given to confirm the battery was purchased there. I should have gotten an answer at least 24 hours after my conversation with that manager and that failed too. I came back home from Laredo to San Antonio last week, brought the battery to a local walmart and sure enought the batttery got exchanged an no receipt was required.

Walmart has good listeners but not enough follow through or even concerned about satifying customers with good service and products, This goes in particular to the store in Laredo.

My mom is firm of not shopping with them anymore. She felt discriminated against and not even an apology was offered to her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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Melvin Banks they made my mother cry and I will not take that lightly. I bet you beat your own mother and wife.

Shut up Melvin Banks. You too Tasha. I don't care if other people commit fraud. Who the *** are you to say my mother commited fraud you liar.

She never commited fraud and just lost the receipt learn to read loser and all this pretending to be concerned about my situation don't buy it. You are probably just some child molestor who lives in his parents basement Melvin.

Don't reply to my letter or I will track your IP with the police and have you charged with slander and harassment. My mother is not a thief.


While I can understand the situataion with your mother however you have to see it at the store's point of view. Your mother had no receipt so therefor she could not return the product to that store.

The reason they allowed it the first time was probably for a few reasons. They did not have high fraud at that time. If suddenly the store started having high fraud than they need to get strict. Your mother tried returning the battery twice.

Maybe they remember her from prior and suspected something. Tasha is correct, rude but correct.

You have to give the exact same date and time the transaction was taken and this takes a while. I don't know when you made the call, though they should have gotton back to you by now.


Well if your mother is unable to keep track of her things because of her age should you not help her. You had not receipt, neither did they.

The reason the other customers were treated differently was because they had a receipt. Also your mother can't be that great of a person if she raised you the way you are. You expected a reply within 24 hours. Well I have news for you buddy.

The world does not revolve around you and your mother. I am sure they have other dumb complaints and they have to investigate the situation talk to the employees involved.

Not just worry about poor you and your poor mother. Just because your mother is 75 years old does not mean she is not capable of picking up a battery from the shelf and returning it claiming she lost her receipt.