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This is my first time writing a complaint but I shop at the Walmart in Sault Ste. Marie,Mi.and this is a rising problem.

The problem is customers bringing there dogs into the store. They do not have a service dog vest on and they put their pets in the cart where children sit,where people put their groceries. This is not on unsanitary where there is food sold but unsanitary where children sit too. I find it insulting to those who are truely in need of service animals.

No Managers nor store employees ever ask these customers for papers to show that they are truly service animals. I and other customers find this whole thing wrong.

Can you tell me why this is allowed.You would think this breaks all kinds of sanitary rules. Thank You for your time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have read that lab tests have shown that dogs actually have less germs than somebody's dirty little kid who picks their nose and wipes their boogers on the handrail of the shopping cart.


It is illegal for stores to ask for any kind of documentation or proof of any kind to verify that an animal is truly a service animal. HIPPA and the ADA protect this because a person's disabilities are no one else's business.