Bovard, Pennsylvania
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No large bag policy. You can't walk in with your diaper bag or any of its contents.

I ask if my babies baby powder could be marked in some way since i was going to change her.

Nope well at least would i not be harassed or accused of stealing it?(No guarantee) really!!! On my way to target store

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Your spelling and grammar is terrible, please when your child gets older promise you won't home school your child. As for them not allowing large bags.

I never allowed knew of a Walmart that did not allow large bags, so if this is the case it is because of theft issues in your area. Sorry you have to suffer for it.

Also if you were educated you would know that the greeter could not stop you and if they do you can just give them the finger and walk off. Then again maybe you should apply for greeter, most of them are as retarded as you are.