Sherwood, Oregon
Not resolved

They won't sell me acohol I'm 21 years old

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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With the simple statement that they wouldn't sell it to you, I cannot form an opinion about the employees conduct.

There are many reasons to refuse service to a customer, so at this time I stand behind the store.

Legally, without a valid ID they cannot sell alcohol and many places won't sell cigarettes without ID, even if they know you. The ID (at least where I worked) had to be scanned like any other item in order to allow the sale to go through.


Did you have your ID? Were you already drinking?

Did you give them attitude? There are any number of reasons they may not have wanted to sell alcohol to you. At the age of 21, you may be legally able to buy it, but do you really need it?

Surely there are so many better things a young person can do with their time.

Maybe go to another store or a convenience store. Better luck next time.