Cincinnati, Ohio

i went to the eastgate walmart in ohio the manager is quinton wilson i was accused of theft after i paid for my items they treated me terribly and basically called me a liar i tryed to show them my receipt and they wouldnt even look at it now i will have a record and it was perfect not even so much as a traffic ticket in my line of work ill be lucky if i can keep my job or get another in the future with theft on my record even though i have a receipt and my lawyer will get it dropped it will still be there that i was arrested for theft after several calls and emails they still wont drop it they are a corporate bully who preys on innocent people will all the court cost and walmarts restitution fees im gonna pays hundreds of dollars for a 40 dollar purchase and even though i can prove my innocence i cant wipe my record clean again

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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In most states you can get one item removed from your record you willvhave to find s good att.that specializes in that field..I have learned a lot today reading this thanks for the heads up.

Ryan K

LOL!! Threats to go to the media doesn't scare Walmart. 75% of the time those are blank threats because the customer really doesn't have a case, they just want something for free...


:eek i have been working at walmart for about 3 years. and one thing we are told from hire is that you must never ever accuse a customer of stealing with out 100% proof!

i hope you have not stolen and i do not understand why you having a receipt wasnt considered.

but you have the right to sue walmart for falsely accusing you of theft. if you were to turn around and countersue them , threaten to call the news stations and what not they WILL settle out of court they do it everytime.