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I was at your Auburn, WA Superstore this morning to do my grocery shopping. It was possibly one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had.

I unfortunately had to bring my children (ages 14, 5 & 3) with me as my husband works 12 hour graveyard shifts and needed to get some sleep. After approximately two hour of shopping, we were finally ready to checkout. I chose a line which had two customers in front of me expecting it to be a normal wait time – I was wrong! We were in line for about THIRTY MINUTES and still were not being checked out.

I had to send my son back to exchange some of my frozen items as they were thawing. The cashier never once smiled or even said a word to any of us. He was taking care of the first customer, who was noticeably frustrated, and was having issues which necessitated him calling a supervisor. He proceeded to take care of the next couple in line and there was a price discrepancy which they clearly stated they did not want the item as they did not want to wait.

He disregarded what they said and proceeded to continue with the checkout. Again, they said to take the item off which again required a supervisor's assistance. The supervisor who came over to help was also rude. At this point I asked him if he could get another cashier as this one did not seem to know what he was doing.

Again, the supervisor was rude so I asked for a manager. The manager came over and apologized for the inconvenience – mind you, this was the first and only person to do this. The couple in front of me was complaining as well. I told him the he just lost a sale – over $300 in groceries – and that I would not be shopping there again.

He did not seem to care in the least bit. I asked him for the Managers name and number when he said that I could contact the 1-800 number for customer service. I said that I wanted the store manager's name and after about seven minutes he finally came back with her name. I had to ask him for the number and he said to me that I didn't ask for it.

How may I ask was I supposed to contact her without the number? I am normally a very patient person when it comes to shopping as I had worked retail for many years early in my career. I am currently in Human Resources for a local hospital and would never hire any of the people that I came into contact with today. If they were employees of mine, they would be brought in for counseling.

Not only did I waste over two hours of my Saturday morning in your store, I then had to go and do my shopping elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #768718

With a *** like you, I'm glad that your husband at least got four hours of sleep.


If you cannot trust your 14 year old to babysit while you are out shopping the problem you have bigger problems than having to take them shopping. Also you were rude to the cashier.

Just imagine your 14 year old being new on the job and having to deal with a b*tch such as yourself.

$300 is not that much to them. Sounds like you need counseling.


Big deal. Grocery shopping is a pain, and the least favorite of many people's chores.


I've had many bad customer experience's @ Wal-mart. I feel your pain. I also have many years of retail/and customer service experience and know just how you feel.

:cry :cry :cry I am sure they WILL NOT MISS YOU AS A CUSTOMER your 300 dollers is not anything to them :cry :cry :cry

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