Longueuil, Quebec


Today I was so disappointed by the customer service of one of your stores in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu... I have never had such a bad attitude to the customer...

First of all I should wait for ages for my turn... They never in a hurry, laughing and speaking to each other their personal matters. I was there with two children, one of them is a baby, and they let the lady who was behind me in the line to come first only because I turned my head and didn't see it was my turn. Two young girls from customer service told me that everybody can receive my money through Western Union.

I had a code, Id card, address, everything was right except for sender's name, which I probably misspelled, even though I received money like that many times, and nobody asked me to be extremely correct. They didn't even try to help me. That is so ***!

Having had that bad experience I will avoid buying ANYTHING from this store, even though I think I was a good customer. So disappointed...

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Must be a troll. But if your kids did get taken away, I'm so glad that they did.

You not only abuse them, but you neglect them too. You made the choice to raise your hand and let your kids run around the store unsupervised. Unsupervised... I would get you for that alone.

You say you were holding a baby, then you say that your kids were taken away. Then you wonder how somebody knows that you ARE trolling.

First B

Trolling or not I think she meant that she had her children taken away from her for this incident, it is not that uncommon for someone to get a license plate and report abuse to the police or CPS with that information. The fact that she is saying that they had her children taken away from her shows that they called the police on this incident.

Even if she was using a credit card they can get like get her name from the credit card and give that info to the cops.

Then if they have a license plate as well they can use both information and figure out who it was. Also the fact that KevinRichards posted on this review makes me wonder if he not the OP made that comment about child abuse for attention.

@First B

Nope Kevin Richards has concern about the child she abused. But you are correct they use those pieces of information and report their concerns to the police.

If an infant is the one being abused and the "mother" made a comment about wanting to smack an infant than most people would not hesitate to report it, since the child cannot speak for itself. We are talking about a helpless infant and child here who cannot defend themselves, spanking a child for misbehaving is acceptable, so is smacking a child for misbehaving, but smacking an infant for crying is another thing. You should never smack or spank someone under the age of two, and even then it should be for misbehaving not developmental issues such as crying or having a dirty diaper.

It should also never be done in anger, also if that anger was at someone else. Nor should she be using her children to make excuses to not pay attention, as stated many single mothers shop, but most of them do not blame their children because they were not paying attention.


She never said her children were running around unsupervised she just said she threatened to smack her baby if the baby did not stop crying, either way hopefully her ex uses this incident to get custody of her children and she is not allowed to see them again unsupervised or until she gets help for her anger. Babies cry and are helpless, if they did not intervene perhaps in a month or two she would have shaken the baby and it would have been seriously harmed or died.


I know that she didn't say that in this review. But I am suspecting that she is the same one that made another review about Walmart threatening to call the police because they had found her child unsupervised more than once. You'll understand better once you see the review.

First B

I think that is another troll to be honest the one that complained about the police being called because her child was unsupervised. If you look at that other person's profile you will see a list of reviews demanding gift card, racist comments, comments about abusing her children, comments about her ex husband.

Then claiming she does not need the money because she is a registered nurse. That is the one right?


First Born Triplet, yeah, you could be right. I just had a strong feeling that they are the same person as both of them have smacked their kids also. However, more than one person in the world has smacked their kid.



I am just angry at all, I feel they made me lose custody of my children. I am a single parent, the police questioned my older daughter who said that I hit my children often.

I hate this company, they ruined my life, they had my children taken from me. Well if I did not have to wait long and hear a baby cry I would not have hit my baby, their fault I made that comment. I hope they are happy the baby and my daughter now live with their loser of a father and he is going to use this and two other CPS incidents to get full custody of both children.

My daughter is from another man and he wants to adopt them together just to hurt me. Thanks Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu walmart for having my kids taken from me


The worst part about this is my baby was crying and I wanted to smack him, they called security on me and had the police also called on me because i made this comment as a joke to get them to help me.


You should never joke about harming a child. I am glad they called security on you.

You act like a five year old yourself and call the adult employee a girl. You were not mistreated.

If you don't pay attention you miss your turn in line. Do not blame your being a mother for this, lots of people have children including babies.