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May hire a lawyer! My son tried on a Halloween costume...

And my toddler did too. Both costumes have laundry instructions to spot clean only... My son had his on for 10min... my daughter 30min.

I see both of my kids are breaking out horrifically bad.

They were covered from head to toe in the worst rash I've ever seen! Be careful!!!!!!

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I work at the factory that makes the costumes. We give them a special treatment, to give the illusion the kids are in a poison ivy field!


I bought dirty panties there that gave me a yeast infection from head to toe.


Let me guess, you are latino aren't you?


First of all, why was your daughter wearing a costume that you did not purchase, for 30 minutes??? The costumes are packaged, priced with size and all info on the bag.

So why did you take them out and put them on your children?

It is just like opening a bag of candy and letting your kids eat it without paying for it then wanting to sue because they got an allergic reaction from it. Your whole complaint is ***.


You cannot sue (you may be able to, anyone can sue for any reason, but you won't get anything) and no lawyer is going to take your case.


Something doesn't smell right here with your story.

First Born Triplet

I think I may eat some peanut butter cups and sue Reese for giving me an allergic reaction as well.

to First Born Triplet #890676

I hope you are being sarcastic to this fools review. Just like you have an allergic reaction to nuts her children have an allergic reaction to the material the costumes are made out of.

She cannot sue because of her children's allergy. Before she goes around making a foolish comment lie my children never reacted this way before, allergic reactions can come and go at any time. Then again with the sick people in the world these days I would not be surprised if the "parent" actually put something in the costumes knowing it would harm the children and they can sue. Come to think of it this must be the case, never heard of someone threatening to get lawyers because of an allergic reaction.

My children have been getting costumes from walmart for years and this never happened.

It is an allergic reaction, even if there is something wrong with the clothing that made the children react this way Walmart is not the one making the costumes, they sell the same costumes at Target, Toys are Us, Kmart ect. A lawyer if he had any values would laugh in her face and not take the case, a soulless lawyer would take this case just for the money knowing she has no chance of winning.

to Anonymous #890788

I think it's pretty clear he was joking about suing over Reese cups... it is called SARCASM.

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