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I was at Walmart last night and finding an open cash register to che out was impossible. There is a Walmart on the Southside of Des Moines, Iowa.

It used to better store. But their customer service has really gone down hill.

Walmart is really good having about low or reasonable-ish prices but the inconveinence level is so high. Hard to find things the store.

Bad customer service, not enough people to cover registers, long *** lines that stretch into *** it seems. My point is this, Walmart needs to get with the times and improve the way they run their store. Make sure there are enough people to cover registers and other areas that need coverage. I experienced *** last night because I couldn't find an open register just for one item.

I'm very dissappointed. Very.

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They can only schedule so many cashiers due to staffing vs sales for previous years. Other associates are cross trained for the registers but if they pulled them to the front you would probably just complain that there weren't enough associates on the salesfloor to kiss your butt.